Not wanting to overwhelm readers with all the foolishness that goes on in this world, I usually take a break to highlight what I have been doing. The only thing is that I have been living. I play teacher, husband, long-distance/short-distance father, and all around relaxed individual. So, maybe I have been slacking in “taking that break”. However, there has been something that I knew I needed to do. Thus, I am taking time to do something I always believed in: supporting other people’s ambitions.

The first person that I truly want to show support for is LeSean Thomas. If you don’t know who he is, then let me break it down for you.

LeSean Thomas and Cannon Busters: The Background Story

LeSean Thomas 1

LeSean Thomas is a creative artist that has worked on many projects that plenty of people have lauded. He is a television animation producer, comic artist, director, animator, writer, and character designer. LeSean Thomas has worked on plenty of notable cartoons such as Black Dynamite, The Legend of Korra, and Boondocks. He even created the online series Battleseed. So, it is safe to say that LeSean has made a name for himself in the animation world.

Still, LeSean Thomas wanted to make a major project of his own creation for the masses. Cannon Busters, a conceptual creation of his that turned into a graphic novel, is to be turned into an animated series. He desired to make this transition while he did work in Korea. The only problem is that he ran out of funding for his project. Therefore, this project had to be put on a temporary backburner.

LeSean Thomas and Cannon Busters: The Project Itself

Never one to be daunted, LeSean decided to take it upon himself to make his aspirations come to fruition. So, he started his own singular Kickstarter campaign to get his project funded. Working with a lot of other artists and animation producers (including the heavily lauded Joe Madureira, Thomas Romain, Tim Yoon, and Bahi JD), LeSean’s project is much more than some idealistic hope. This is a full-fledged project that will take off once it gains its proper funding. With that said, LeSean has reached out for help from the fans out there.

LeSean Thomas 2

LeSean Thomas and Cannon Busters: Why I Am Supporting

The biggest reason for my support has to do with the fact that this man (a Black man at that) is coming with a project that I believe in. Since I believe in it, I choose to support it. What I wanted to do was help drum up at least a few others that feel they can support such a project. It wouldn’t hurt for people like us to help another man achieve his dreams. Shouldn’t that what society be about: support each other so we all can do what we truly desire?

With that said, I am posting this article for the sake of making sure that people like LeSean Thomas make it out here. So much of our media, creative likenesses, and images are controlled. This is a chance to support someone into making a way out of no way. Also, you can contribute to a cartoon that will probably nothing short of amazing. At the end of the day, we all could help another person out there become what they want to be.

Click the link below to show your support!

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‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!