As a teacher (the occupation I have besides blog writing), I am known for my honesty. Since I teach 6th grade English/Language Arts, there is a lot that I deal with. Middle school is a time of change, growth, stupidity, frivolousness, and attitude changes. However, things become simpler once the kids gain sage advice. Most of the time, sage advice deals with me being honest. The thing about my honesty is that it is unfiltered and brutal. A lot of these kids are misled into believing the worst about themselves or floating on illusions of grandeur. Yet, they can always count on me to bring them back down to Earth. Many times, they do not want to hear what I have to tell them. Still, many have to learn that the best medicine does not come in elixir form. Many times, the best approach is rarely the easiest or most popular.

Kevin Hart Jockingly Tells the Harsh Truth

This is where Kevin Hart comes in. Over the past weekend, Kevin Hart went to visit the FSU campus. During his time there, he found himself visiting the highly ranked football program. Jameis Winston, the quarterback and leader of the team, was directly approached by Hart. In fact, he told Winston the one thing that needed to be done. Kevin Hart 4   Kevin Hart 3

Kevin Hart told Jameis Winston to “stop doing dumb shit”.

There was no frills to the advice. There was nothing more than laughter, a few more jokes about Jameis Winston’s bad choices, and this situation being put on film. Winston himself didn’t seem too amused. Regardless, Kevin Hart gave that young man advice he could take to the bank. Actually, that advice could be the one thing keeping Jameis Winston going to the bank for the rest of his life. Assuming that Winston takes the advice, of course.

Why Kevin Hart Was Right To Speak His Piece

I couldn’t imagine a better way to tell someone over 18 that they need to get their lives together. Whether or not Jameis Winston was insulted is irrelevant. Kevin Hart, in his own comedic fashion, told this young man what he NEEDED to hear. He didn’t take up all of his time making sure he paid attention to Jameis’s emotional well-being and ability to be receptive to the message. Kevin Hart, as a man, talked to Jameis Winston as a man. Kevin Hart 1   A lot of our problems between the older generation and the younger one(s) is the expectation of coddling. In too many instances, there is this expectation that older people need to be more euphemistic and “positive” in their words. For me, I say “Fuck all of that”. Many of these kids need to deal with the raw reality that awaits them in this world. The real world is not going to be extra nice; so, how are we preparing them for a cold world with feigned warmth?

The Kevin Hart Conclusion

There are those that may not have liked or agreed with Kevin Hart joking with Jameis Winston. Hell, Jameis Winston may not care for it. That matters no. What matters is that Kevin Hart took the time to echo the sentiments of millions of other people out in this world. Jameis Winston can eventually become a millionaire and live a good life. It would make sense for Winston to take the advice of someone that is where he eventually wants to be: young, rich, and wealthy. And one of the keys to that success is to not do dumb shit. Kevin Hart knows best. ‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!