While Marvin Gaye serenades your soul, this is the first installment of Just Plain Truth. On Just Plain Truth, I take questions from my readers and give some answers. Yes, this is like “Dear Abby”. No, its not original. But, I am original. So, let’s enjoy all the answers that I give. Oh, and yes, Marvin Gaye is classic.

The question:

Okay I got a question or two. My dude in NY has a problem expressing his feelings. I haven’t met him in person yet, but I would bet he’s not romantic. He shows his feelings in a different way, but I feel some kind of way about it. I want him to say how he feels. I don’t want to wait until he’s hurt to know how he feels. It’s as if he thinks just being there is enough. How do I deal with it? How can I make him feel comfortable enough to open up? Or, should I accept knowing that him being in my life is all I will get?
Long Distance Love

Thanks for asking this question, Long Distance Love.

I am going to make this complete and forthcoming with you: the biggest part of the problem is that you both haven’t even met yet. While you both “communicate” with each other, there is nothing like being in a person’s presence. Maybe you are right about his actions. Or, maybe you could be assuming a lot of what is going on. The bigger issue isn’t the fact that you both show love to each other differently. The problem is that you both haven’t seeing each other in person to enjoy each others’ energy.

Be real: it is difficult to “have anything” until you both meet in person. Spending time should be the first priority. Long distance relationships are nice. But, yours is working backwards. You are building all of these feelings and “comfort zones” prematurely. I can’t blame you, though. Technology and communication devices are evolving to make the Dick Tracy video watch look like the nearest possibility. Still, he needs to feel your warmth up front and person.

Or, he can feel your words like a steel knife. Peace to MF Doom.

If he STILL wants to act funny? Then, Mr. “I Love NY” has some issues he needs to resolve within himself. Maybe his “lack of gestures” that he translates over the phone/computer may be a REAL issue. But, that is something for him to figure out. All you can do is lead the camel to water. You can’t make it drink or, in Jay-Z’s case, hustle.

All in all, it is time to make this relationship something physically tangible. You have your feelings and emotions involved. Yet, there is no “face time”. Get that face time in and see where it goes. You can like him all you want. But, if there isn’t any physical contact, there isn’t much to go off of.

Tune in within the next couple of days for the second installment of Plain Truth. You will enjoy this one as well

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!