I can’t help myself. Diggame keeps asking these intriguing questions. Within myself, I have to give these insightful and intriguing answers. I could be writing about other things. However, why not take a turn on some inquisitions that makes us think about popular culture, intelligence, society, and life as a whole?

I couldn’t pass it up. So, I went along with it as usual.

1.)    Does California owe Kash Delano Register a heavy amount of money for having him wrongfully in jail for 35 years?

They owe him a life. So, yeah, they owe him some money. They owe him a good hefty sum that would at least equate to his earning something worthwhile over 35 years.

2.)    You thought his name couldn’t be Kash Register for real did you?

If Creflo Dollar can be the name of a reverend, then the possibilities are quiet endless.

3.)    Who would have thought that a man could die from receiving a wedgie?

As the song says, There are 6 millions ways to die: choose one. Suffocation from a wedgie, however, has to be both sad and embarrassing at the same time. The irony can’t be willfully duplicated as easily.

4.)    Why is that new Ty Dolla $ign track my new guilty pleasure?

I guess he is winning right now. Wiz Khalifa signed him for a reason. Now, let us see what materializes.

5.)    Why is purchasing a pair of Jordan’s just as dangerous as flying a plane full of cocaine for the Columbian cartel into Miami?

My, how things repeat themselves.

My, how things repeat themselves.

This is just a repeat cycle of madness. Remember back in the 80’s when people were getting their asses kick, maimed, or killed for their gym shoes and Starter jackets? This is the same damn thing.

6.)    Is Lalah Hathaway not the most underrated singer of our era?

Fam, there are so many underrated R&B artists that it is shameful. You ever noticed that the vast majority of Unsung musicians are R&B artists? And I’m talking about people that made CLASSICS. There will always be underrated singers as long as there is a cultural divide that doesn’t readily value variety.

7.)    Why would anyone buy art constructed by George Zimmerman?

If people can still willfully buy albums by R. Kelly, then buying art by George Zimmerman doesn’t seem as unreasonable. Do you remember how many people either justified what he did or tried to make Trayvon Martin a big contributor to his own death? Even more interesting: do you remember how people tried to turn the conversation into a “what Black people need to stop doing” conversation?

This type of stuff can’t be surprising anymore.

8.)    What is the oldest a man can have braids not named Charlie Wilson?

Once you get passed thirty, you need to start questioning certain things. Now, if you have long flowing locks that don’t require perming? Than that is one thing. However, at some point the braids become old if you don’t suffer from a receding hairline/balding and need to scheduled a visit at FUE hair transplant in Sydney.


Even Sir Charles knows…..

Imagine Lebron with some cornrolls. Yeesh!!!

9.)    Who is not impressed by the slang term THOT?

Always remember: slang isn’t always impressive. As long as it is useful, then it is what it is.

10.) How dope is it that Game of Thrones will be back on in a few months?

As dope as the trailer for the fourth season is.

11.) How demented does someone have to be to kill their mother over insurance money just to be able to floss on Instagram (ala Young QC aka Qawmane Wilson)?

“New Negroes” is what I call them. You know the type: spoiled brats that have been made to be condescending jerks or entitled pissants that haven’t learn to earn much of anything in life. Where money and status comes before family and sensibility. Those types.

12.) You didn’t think my podcast Straight Outta LoCash wasn’t going to go in on Young QC huh? Well, we did!!

Screw Young QC.

13.) How many other states are going to follow Colorado and legalize marijuana?

That’s a tricky question to answer. As long as I don’t hear dumbass views about “society going the way of hedonism” with a mix of bad conclusions and faulty scientific evidence, then it matters not. The real question is this: how many of us are going to finally push for the repeal of silly ass marijuana conviction laws?

14.) Why do companies expect for people to be loyal to them when they aren’t loyal themselves?

Companies expect this because they want to separate you from your dollars on an easier/consistent/lengthy basis. They are loyal to one thing: getting their fingers inside of your pockets. Power of the dollar, y’all. Power of the dollar.

15.) Who got the black panties that were supposed to come with the purchase of R. Kelly’s new CD?

No thanks. How pissed would you have been if you realized that those panties would fit on a 14 year old?

16.) Has Kevin Hart over saturated himself?

It is becoming to be like that. I see burnout in his near future. Whether it is him becoming tired or the public becoming tired of him.

17.) Could R. Kelly be the most influential and prominent artist in R&B history behind Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye?

Hilariously, I would have to say “yes”.  Few have done it like R. Kelly. Few have towed the line between salvation-seeking and sacrilegious without losing a step. Few have made remixes become classic songs. Few have consistently reinvented themselves. I may not agree with some of the stuff he does. However, he is a musical genius.

18.) Is Ice JJ Fish serious with these videos of him singing or is he just trolling us?

Man, he is trolling worse than Lil B. He can’t be seriously thinking that this madness is actually “good”. However, I can’t hate the man. He is having fun and people are giving him attention. Might as well make the most of it.

19.) Have you seen the video of Young QC throwing away the money he got off of killing his mother? How much arrogance does he and his accomplices have to even do this?

See answer number 11.

20.) Have people bought so much into materialism that we will do anything to have and or be something?

Of course. But that is the makeup of a capitalist society. When money is the motive, this is the type of stuff that happens. When hype beasts hype us shoes so they can be $150-200 dollars (easily), then that should tell you something. This is especially sad when a lot of those shoes are retros. People would be appalled at the profit margins. Simply appalled.

21.) Didn’t wannabe thugs love their mama more than anything else?

Most men love their momma more than anything else. That is unless their momma wasn’t worth a damn.

22.) Why are people shocked about Dwyane Wade and Ludacris having children with side chicks? Is this a new kind of occurrence in life or something?

Rich and famous alpha males having kids with side chicks will NOT be a new phenomenon. Maybe people were hoping that Dwyane Wade was smarter. Or maybe they thought Ludacris would be less the shrewd businessman about it. Whatever. It has happened before, it is happening now, and it will probably happen again. People can be “shocked” if they want to be. I can’t waste time on that.

All I can do is hope that others learn how to wear condoms.

23.) How dope is the new trailer for “The Raid 2” look?

Extremely dope. This will be another DVD purchase.

24.) Why do hip hop fan’s neglect to acknowledge the contribution of Naughty By Nature?

Let me ask this: how many of these younger kids even KNOW who Naughty By Nature are? I think you should do a survey just to see. I am intrigued to know just HOW connected to their culture they really are.

25.) Why are you sleeping on UK singer James Blake?

I stay woke. I just can’t say the same for the rest of the United States.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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