Jemele Hill keeps taking one for the team.

Before, it was the Donald Trump situation. And I understand the nuances of it. She is a sports writer. She works with sports. Jemele Hill having a say in the politics of the world might be a bad look. Never mind the fact that sports and politics have a tendency to go hand in hand. In the short run, it may look better for her to not mention anything about how she felt about Donald Trump.

I didn’t agree with the first reprimand. Yet, I understood it.

This time, though? This time is a bunch of bullshit.

Jemele Hill is Being Played by ESPN

Jemele Hill wasn’t being political here. Her opinion had nothing to do with the actual issue that Jerry Jones had with the players “taking a knee in protest”. It really had to do with him issue demands on players that, in circumstance, the players may not be in contract to follow. To be frank, Jerry Jones was trying to manipulate the decisions of his players. And by the NFLPA, the players can protest if they feel the need to. Also, no one is required to stand for the anthem. Therefore, Jemele Hill was about the fair treatment of players and not the politics of it all.

And this is where ESPN is overstepping their bounds. They are too busy trying to protect their brand instead of realizing that Jemele Hill didn’t overstep her bounds. She kept it sports. In fact, she kept it player related and owner related. If the reasoning behind Jerry Jones’s demands were taken out, his stance would still be problematic. So, is ESPN really upholding its rule or too busy trying to kiss Jerry Jones’s rich white ass?

Jemele Hill Is Being Silenced

Jemele Hill is being punished for having an opinion that goes against the dominant narrative. She isn’t cool with Donald Trump and his Trail of Lies? She faces consequences. She isn’t down for Jerry Jones acting like the entitled slave driver he is? She faces a two-week suspension. At some point, she is going to be reprimanded for breathing hard and sneezing in the office.

This is what we must all recognize: the problem with silencing. Whether we agree or not is immaterial. Jemele Hill gave her opinion on an issue that she is (typically) paid to give an opinion on. Yet, she is punished for either doing it on social media or stepping on the wrong toes. In as much, Jemele Hill has (once again) taken one for the team. In short, it is time for the team to not let her down.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!