I was always taught that people remind you of your past because they don’t want to see the greatness you have become today. Others try to make it into a “humbling experience”. Yet, it is usually the former rather than the latter. Many people want to bring others down to either raise their stock or feel better about themselves. It becomes an exercise of shameful shenanigans and surly shams that wastes everyone’s time.

The irony in all of this is that there are entities that actually make their money doing this. One of these entities is called Fox News.

Jay Z 2

In recent history, Fox Nation had an article entitled “Andrew Cuomo Meets With Admitted Former Crack Dealer Jay-Z to Discuss Police Policy”. And no, I am not making this up. This was the actual title of the article. Meanwhile, the majority of this article spent most of its time talking about how much Jay-Z referenced crack cocaine in his music. To top it all off, they even reference his “run ins with the law” that included “stabbing people and bashing people over the head at his favorite nightclubs”. In short, this article seemed like a bad parody.

Then again, it’s Fox News. Why did I expect anything different?

Jay Z and References to Past

Making sense of this situation, there isn’t much that needs to be referred to. Was Fox Nation lying about the sordid past of one S. Carter? No, they were actually telling the truth. However, making references to his past is pretty pointless when there is no reference to the discussion that he had with Andrew Cuomo. WHAT they were talking about is more important WHO was doing the talking. Still, I learned absolutely nothing about the conversation because they made no attempt to talk about it.

Jay Z 3

The problem is this: the media (Fox) actually took time to cause drama over someone’s past and not their present. In fact, their present is much more important than their past. Still, Fox Nation put more effort in bringing down a successful man they don’t like than in figuring out if the talk was even worthwhile. The problem is that a news company didn’t even give “news”. They gave a biased observation of someone’s life from years ago.

This is what we call “irresponsible journalism”.

Then again, it’s Fox News. Why did I expect anything different?

Jay Z and Sordid Past Lives

Hilariously, after reading all of the article I noticed that there had been references to other people’s sordid lives before they became successful. One of these references deal with Tim Allen. You know: Mr. Home Improvement comedic actor. Well, for those in the know, Tim Allen was caught up in selling drugs himself before he broke big as an actor. In fact, he even spent a few years in prison for this 1978 drug trafficking charge (at age 25).

Tim Allen

But, do you see us making references to Tim Allen as “The Snow Man of 1978” whenever people talk about him? Or do they make reference to his successful TV and movie ventures?

In the same vein, do we refer to Mark Wahlberg as “the former Boston hoodlum” whenever his name comes up?

What about Robert Downey, Jr.? Do we call him the “cocaine addicted punk” whenever his picture comes up advertising those blockbuster movies he is paid a healthy ransom for?

No, that doesn’t happen. And it damn well shouldn’t. What IS referenced is their present triumphs and documented future business dealings. What IS reference is their plans for making more money. What IS referenced is usually going to be positive (barring any recent trouble).

Jay Z and the Conclusion

In the end, haters do what haters are paid to do. People want to question why many can’t take Fox News seriously. With articles like this, it is no wonder that people can’t even see them as a media company. It should always be considered a sad day when time is spent on sullying someone’s name and not on their present positive accomplishments. Even worse, it is shameful when there are others with similar pasts that don’t get that same treatment.

Then again, it’s Fox News. Why did I expect anything different?

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!