Don Lemon has been making his rounds as of late. Due to the heightened racial climate of the past couple of weeks (couple of months, years, forever), there has been plenty of debate. From massacres to historical understandings of the Confederate flag, the amount of information and media going around has been dizzying. Yet and still, Don Lemon has found a way to make sure he interjects himself somewhere. In fact, he decides to make the most eye-catching statements ever.

Statement one: the moment when he uses both the word “nigger” and then a Confederate flag to ask “does any of this offend you?”.

Statement two: Having the audacity to actually ask the question “Should Barack Obama apologize for slavery”?

Don Lemon sure does know how to achieve attention by saying the shocking, agreeing to the strange, or just doing the most. Yet, I always find a way to passively ignore what he does. All due honesty: I can’t take that man seriously anymore. In truth, I can’t find any way to validate a lot of the stuff he does because I have realized the truth about him.

The Don Lemon Truth

The magically non-magical fact about Don Lemon is that he is presently being paid to be a troll. And no, I’m not referring to the menacing creature that lives under bridges to eat billy-goat-gruff-meat. I’m talking about people that do things to sow some type of discord by making inflammatory statements or working to provoke emotional responses. Don Lemon is among the ilk of those on Fox News: saying crazy shit for a reaction. From the Don Lemon Book of Logic, he seems to be winning.

Don Lemon and Tom Dubois

Look at a lot of his actions as of late. If you notice, many of his actions are put out there to elicit a response by striking a nerve.

Asking infuriating questions with emotional attachments when you know the answer (see: holding up nigger sign and Confederate flag)? Trolling.

Playing devil’s advocate to the idea that Obama should apologize for slavery? Trolling.

Mentioning the smell of marijuana smoke during protest situations? Trolling.

Don Lemon Black Twitter

This is part of the reason why I tend to be amused when people get upset at Don Lemon. Too many of us haven’t figured out that Don Lemon is the Lil’ B of journalism. If you know Based God, then you already know what I am referring to. If you are confused, then know this: Lil’B does what he does because he is hip hop’s troll. His antics are for entertainment, shock value, and to be the counter-current. Don Lemon uses the same type of recipe with less tastier ingredients.

Don Lemon Shall Keep on Trolling

People have the right to get mad at Don Lemon all they want. Personally, I can’t blame him. However, this is exactly what he wants. CNN has him on the air to “be a lightning rod” as needed. All of these antics are a part of his job description. Still, I won’t be getting mad at Don Lemon because my mother taught me to never feed the trolls.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!