The word “thirsty” has been abused so much that many want the word to disappear. Honestly, I don’t blame them. The word still have its uses for those that starved for attention. It is extremely useful for those that desperate with their lust for someone. Still, the word becomes cliché when it wavers from its meaning.

And we get a chance to see it waver from its meaning when we get to see a particular status from the one known as Honey Cocaine. Plenty of people know about her as an artist while plenty don’t know anything at all. She is under Tyga’s umbrella Last Kings Entertainment. She hasn’t dropped much outside of mixtapes, however. Regardless, she so happened to make a video for one of her newer songs showcasing her rapping, and wining, skills.

And by “wining”, I mean having a female seductively gyrating usually relegated to dancing popularized in the Caribbean and South America.

Honey Cocaine 1

There was just one main thing that threw me off about her Facebook posting of said video: Honey Cocaine mentions of “the thirst continues”. Thirst? What thirst? She means the video for her song? The men approaching the female? Oh. Yeah. Uhm. No.

Honey Cocaine And The Falsehood of Thirst

This is one of the biggest problems with the idea that is “the thirst”: you cannot, by any means, exhibit such sexuality in open air and then expect people to either ignore it or walk away from it. Also, it makes no sense to call someone “thirsty” when you have the female in the middle of a CELEBRATION gyrating her hips with shorts being eating by an ass that lacks existence.

Honey Cocaine and the Other Side

And I know the classic responses that I plan on getting from men/women that think she has the right to do what she want:

  • She is in control of her body, so she should determine how she looks and how she acts.
  • We shouldn’t have to dress a certain way for men to not act a certain way.
  • This mentality men take on women that dress the way she dress is what drives rape culture.

To be fair, I am going to say that whomever feel the need to address these points above actually has something valid to say. She IS in control of her body and in total control of how she looks and acts. Men should actually “control themselves” and be respectful. And yes, a certain mentality is driving the one culture that I truly loathe the most. So, there is much to be understood.

Honey Cocaine is Still Off

However, are we not going to use logic in our situations? This particular instance isn’t about her “taking ownership of her body”. And it surely isn’t about the way she is dressed (not totally). It has to do with the totality of her calling someone “thirsty” while taking on actions that promote the said “thirst” in the first place. Sometimes, we need to respect the nuances of cause-effect relationships.

Honey Cocaine 4 Honey Cocaine 3 Honey Cocaine 5

At the end of the day, thirsty is as thirsty does. Unwarranted advances are annoying and I get that. However, you don’t dangle meat in front of dogs and expect them not to try and take a bite. The same goes for this situation: dancing in the middle of a celebratory situation with your best Daisy Duke shorts is not the way to go if you want to throw any man a “curve”. Before we come with expectation, we should acknowledge what we bring to the situation.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!