This song reminds of the sadness that comes along with the holiday season. MF Doom comes along and laments his love that is across the seas. At times sentimental and other times sexual, this song is nothing but honest. This is about a man missing his woman. This is about a man yearning for the one he loves.

Yet, we are in a holiday season that many feel less love and more angst and anxiety.

Chocolate covered lie: the holiday season brings the best out of people.

The Reality of Holiday Cheer

Even snowmen cry snowflake tears.

Even snowmen cry snowflake tears.


For so much time, the idea of there being “holiday blues” have been researched and founded to be overstated. Almost 30 years ago, John Buckman (former head of psychiatry at the University of Virginia) had this to say:

It’s a mistake to believe that Christmas is dangerous to your mental health. It’s true that a number of individuals dread the whole season. But on balance, it’s more positive than negative. Even those of us who like Christmas grumble about its negative side. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it. It’s a positive, essential, health-giving experience. [1]

In the past, “holiday blues” was something slightly swept under the rug. While acknowledging the holiday season does bring stress, they did not think it brought times of not being able to cope [2]. In short, the holidays remained stressful yet cheerful for many of us.

I mean, these were some more...festive times.

I mean, these were some more…festive times.

Then again, that was 1983. Those were the days of hackey sack, boom boxes, and glitter bangs. Times are different now.

The Bigger Issue

There is just one problem many haven’t realized: there are still those that are depressed. While many of us know how to cope, that doesn’t mean that the holidays aren’t stressful for many of us. This materialistic season breaks bank accounts, causes fatigue, and wrenches the emotions. For those that are either lonely or older, they can be times of pure seclusion. As much cheer as these times should bring, there are those that don’t feel it.

Gingerbread Man is sad. Oh, and it has nothing to do with being eaten.

Gingerbread Man is sad. Oh, and it has nothing to do with being eaten.

Also, there is the disparity that occurs when it comes to the African American community. The words “depression” and “African American” seems to be oxymoronic since White people are twice as likely to seek treatment for depression [3]. Many of us truly need that extra help and support.  But if you ask Terrie M. Williams, a licensed social worker, publicist and author of “Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting”, she would say “As people of color, we don’t have the real experience of dealing with it [depression] yet” [4]. Adding on economic struggle, media fuckery, and other confounding issues, our own beautiful people of color may be suffering the most.

Beat the Blues

Power purchases doesn't bring happiness.

Power purchases doesn’t bring happiness.

There are some ways to make the most of a season that depresses the hell out of some of us:

•    Set spending limits: If you can’t afford those Jordan 11’s, then don’t buy them dammit!
•    Loosen up on the emotional spending. If you are feeling “a certain type of way”, then you need to find a way to unwind that doesn’t require American Express.
•    Plan out holiday activities that don’t require you spending money.
•    If you are lonely, find ways to put yourself around positive people that will show you love.
•    If you want to give your time, go to a homeless shelter. You might save a soul or two.
•    Don’t overdo it, homes. Make sure you carve out time so you can rest and relax.
•    Don’t overeat and don’t overdrink, either. These usually don’t go well with bouts of the blues.

These suggestions may help you out here and there. The holidays are all about love and family. Get with your family or find a family to get with. Share some great moments and let go of past regrets and hardships. Furthermore, live your life. The holidays are a recurring situation; your blues should end soon.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!


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