You know how I like to do it. Diggame asks the rhetorical questions. I give the answers. Sometimes, they are indepth. Other times, they are simple. Beyond everything, those answers stay accurate. Let’s have some fun!

1.)    Can we officially say Kanye West with this Yeezus album has officially creatively went off the deep end?

Well, yeah. We can say that. But if you have been paying attention, he was headed that way as soon as he started comparing himself to Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone. Once you get even a slight god complex, it is always downhill from there.

Let us revisit the "God" himself, shall we?

Let us revisit the “God” himself, shall we?

2.)    How many people really sat and watched the dummy Nik Wallenda tight rope across the Grand Canyon?

Not me. I am too busy walking the tight rope across the Life Canyon. Trust me: the Grand one ain’t got ish on the Life one.

3.)    Isn’t this James Snowden situation feel like a plot out of a 80s movie?

Diggame, I promise you Snowden is on some Patriot Games-meets-Bourne Secrecy-type vibe. Dude lets it be known that the government can’t be trusted. He suffered the loss for that one. THEN, he is practically on the run? That takes balls, sir. That takes balls.

4.)     If I told you last year that George Zimmerman’s attorney would start his opening statement with a knock-knock joke would you have believe me?

If you told me last year that a kid ends up getting shot while being pursued by a grown man that was warned not to do it a year and a half ago, I may not have believed you. Now? I can’t be shocked anymore.

5.)    What so far has been the best movie of the summer?

Man of Steel. Whenever a movie puts in the issues of growing up with so much turmoil mixed in with not knowing your real family AND the actions of a Dragon Ball Z cartoon, then you know something is working for you.

Look up in the sky/It's a bird; its a plane.....

Look up in the sky/It’s a bird; its a plane…..

6.)    Why has the Paula Deen discussion turned away from her treatment of her employees to being all about the word “nigger”?

Man, people are more worried about her mind state than about the actual issues at hand. Her using the word “nigger” isn’t even something to be shocked at. Like I noted before: she’s an older woman from the 1940’s where racial slurs and racism was the accepted trend. People expecting her to “change” because it’s 2013? People old enough to be her grandkids are racist nowadays. You want to be shocked at HER? Miss me with that.

7.)    How stupid can you be kidnap a woman (subsequently accidentally killing her) just so you can save her?

Very. And that is all I need to say.

8.)    How bad of a rapper is French Montana?

He has gotten progressively worse. He was better on the mixtapes? Now, he is hardly tolerable. He’s signed to Puffy, though. His career will die and he might find religion or prison time.

9.)    What were your thoughts on the documentary by Bill Duke Dark Girls that premiered on the Oprah Network?

Now that we have Dark Girls, there may need to be Light Girls, Dark Boys, and Dark Girls. Being Black has its own issues. You put in the spectrum of skin tone and you have a book or two you need to write.

Discussion coming soon....

Discussion coming soon….

10.)  Do people really dislike Superman that much?

People are also people that liked Yeezus. That should explain everything.

11.)  Why do you not have R&B singer Ladamour in your life right now??

I have no idea who he is. Now that I know, I will give him a spin.

12.) How do you feel about the job Barack Obama has done in his presidency?

He could have done better. He could have done worst. He IS a president, though. End of the day, he handled it with cool and grace.

13.) Who else is missing Game of Thrones already?

I need to watch the first season still. Operation: Catch Up may be in full swing.

14.) In a previous 25 Questions I asked “What happened to the women from Flavor of Love?” but could a show like that work today with let’s say a Tyrese?

I am not sure. Half of the women would leave because he would make them read his book.

I might need to read this to see if you are as ridiculous as Steve Harvey.

I might need to read this to see if you are as ridiculous as Steve Harvey.

15.)  Why is it that some white people are enthralled with wanting to say the word “nigger” or “nigga”?

White people are enthralled by the phenomenon called FOMO (fear of missing out).

16.)  Why do we have to wait for heaven when we can work to make heaven here on earth?

Due to indoctrinated religion, that would take a lot of money out of the collection plate. Why make it happen here when you should give yourself away and find glory in heaven while you live a hell on Earth?

17.)  How dope is it that Fruitvale Station is looking to be a dope film?

It may be one of the most necessary films of the year. Quote me on that.

18.)  Has Lebron James quieted his haters with his 2nd Championship?

Lebron haters never quiet down. Look, I understand that his moving to Miami has caused hurt feelings (Cleveland fans) and paradigm shifts (big names go to bigger markets to make the smaller markets stay in struggle). But get off the man’s jock strap. He did what HE should do as a BUSINESS MAN and PLAYER. He wanted rings. He got with a team that would provide the space for that. The end.


19.)  Will Paula Deen be able to recover from the “nigger” fiasco unlike Michael Richards?

She has a better chance. She has a business that people still support. Michael Richards? I’m not sure.

20.) Why have you not been locked in and listening to Straight Outta LoCash?

Good question. I might need to correct that soon enough.

21.)  Does EVERYTHING someone does to become successful always have to be attributed to the Illuminati?

Of course. If it ain’t the Illuminati, it is Jesus ordering someone’s steps.

22.)  Isn’t it refreshing that 50% of debates can be solved from Googling?

Yep. And it is also refreshing that , even with the internet, people are still as ignorant as before.

23.) Has the game not changed when someone can be in line and shoot someone over the new Lebron James’ shoes and get right back in line?

Yeah. But why are you trying to rob people waiting in line for shoes? Come on, man. There was NO good to come of that. Especially not in a state where you can have a license to kill (almost).

24.) How mad are sports agents at Jay-Z for getting this agent thing poppin?

Good question. Even better question: how many artists are mad that Jay-Z  sold a million copies of his album before it dropped? He keeps winning.

He even drops lyric sheets and not songs. Jay keeps winning.

He even drops lyric sheets and not songs. Jay keeps winning.

 25.) Do you judge the UK woman for admitting she has had sex with 370 men by the age of 35?

You can judge all you want. I am still intrigued as to how she found ways and opportunity to have that many partners. There has to be some overtime put in. Either that or her panties are that loose.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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