I promise you that Black Dynamite is quite hilarious. The often funny parody of all things Blaxploitation has been catching its rounds since its premier on Cartoon Network. Nobody is safe: young, old, or recently deceased. So when I saw the OJ episode, I practically hollered out with laughter. Commentary about “killing white women”? Oh, man. As heinous as the murders were (and still are), to make fun of his foolishness is classic. At the end of the day, OJ couldn’t truly escape what he was: a black man.

To this day, he sits in confinement remembering that he is a black man.

Why did I talk about this situation? Easy: because as much as the average black man loves black women, there is “the outlier”. “The outlier” doesn’t fully understand that the black woman, as flawed as she is, loves our irritating arses. Yet, many of us talk down on her. True, she has issues. However, she didn’t develop those issues by herself. Either the black man was with her (sharing those issues) or he wasn’t (helping cause those issues). Either way, no matter if we marry outside of our race, we can’t lose sight of the needs of our black woman.

Plus, I have a mother. My mother is the greatest.

Chocolate covered lie? Let’s go: white women are better than black women. Oh, and screw OJ.

The Problem

This is NOT a tirade against interracial dating. Personally, I could care less about who one dates. All I am concerned about is the love. As long as the love is there, it doesn’t really matter. If that woman is down to be the “Michelle to your Barack” or “Allie to your Noah”, I am happy for you.

My concern is the “white women treat me better” garbage.

No™. I don’t agree with that.

The situation is this: there are black men that act as if black women are a “hindrance” to their life. There are some men that act as if black women cause too much drama [1]. That is understood. But, maybe he is dating the wrong type of woman. Also, there are those women that wait willingly for that black man to “love her the right way” [2]. Eventually, some of the black men out there date outside because they are ashamed of “what happens inside”.

The Real Talk Session

To break it down, dating is dating. If one plans on dating outside their race, do what Barbara DeAngelis (writer of Are You The One For Me?) suggested: question your motives [3]. If a man is in it for love, then that is great. However, it makes no sense to date outside of one’s race to diametrically appose what others expect [4]. Also, it makes no sense to associate issues with all black women when all black women don’t have the same issues. Plus, not all white women are fond of black men and their attention [5]. All self-loathing and fetishes aside, one should date for the right reasons.

The Skinny

Love is love, people. Hate is hate. Black men: love yourself. Once you do that, love others for the right reasons. Loving others to detract from your “associated self” is self-defeating. Plus, “race” is some overrated stuff anyway (explanations come later). Stop playing yourself like you got a controller coming out of your hind parts.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!