Males and females have always found ways to either get along or not. Conceptually, we have tendencies to be different. Men are supposed to be “more logical” and “feral”. Women, on the other hand, are supposed to be more “nurturing” and “desirous of a monogamous relationship”. Thus, you can expect disagreements to begin from a stereotypical point of view.

However, I have noticed that many men have things misconstrued when it comes to the fairer sex. Take the article “Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns”, a diatribe written by Preston Waters. The basis of the article is one singular premise: there are no more good girls out there. In his eyes, independence is a pretty descriptive dichotomy: it helped with the rise to prominence, but caused a loss of morals and self-respect. In short, many men think that the majority of the women have “lost their way”.

Giving this article a thorough analysis, I have drawn a conclusion: it is a piece of shit writing for bitter men that believe this trash.

There are some glaring holes in Preston’s argument that anybody with a sense of logical reasoning and common sense would notice:

a.)    In this article, most women are nothing but broken, attention seeking females with drug addictions: If Preston was concerned about telling the truth, he wouldn’t have noted drug use being at an all-time high when, in reality, the only increase of usage is among marijuana. And using Instagram as an excuse is neither here nor there since both men and women use social media at alarming rates (sign of the communication times). Plus, what do we even define as “broken”?

Shout out to Rose & Thorn!!!

Shout out to Rose & Thorn!!!

b.)    The article is heavily sexist: A woman is being sexually liberated and all of a sudden they have to be (again) “broken”, “attention whores”, and “is having sex with everyone”. It seems as if that any women not living up to some standard that has probably died long ago is immoral and conflicted. Let the author tell it, too many women are being “freaks everywhere”. But where is the proof of this? Just another author making sweeping generalizations.

c.)     This article reeks of double standards: on one hand, it seems to be that men are the perpetrators of all of the ill-advised behavior that women are taking on. On the other hand, we will eventually want to settle down with a “good girl that hasn’t been with everyone”. Having such standards make no sense. You are not going to have both. If we were to follow the logic of this author, men would pillage and plunder as many women as possible just to expect their future wife to be a saint? How ridiculous.

Oh, really?

Oh, really?

d.)    The “kindergarten theory”: The theory he has about having a “future wife presently in kindergarten” is one of the worst things I have ever heard. So, he thinks that having someone that is “untainted” and “pure” for his liking will help him because they “won’t be sluts”? What makes him think they will be pure enough for him by the time they are 18? Isn’t he even smart enough to understand that it is the EXPERIENCED woman that is more impressive than the impressionable, inexperienced female that has no understanding of true relationships, heartache, stupid mistakes, and all the things that come from living a life?

At the end of the day, this article is a hard one to take seriously (unless you are a bitter male). Between the double standards and the sexist mentality, the words become hard to read and even harder to want to comprehend. Even taking things as far as having a joking “kindergarten theory” to manipulate the dating experience is hilariously sad. Men that think there aren’t any good women are as daft as women believing there are no good men. At the end of the day, perspective and perception will tell the difference between an ugly fantasy and a better reality.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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