Year after year, many people have complained about the position that Fox News has taken on many issues. From the madness of Glenn Beck’s views to Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points, the news channel is always filled with information that vilifies many things American. There are those rare occasions that I agree with them. However, there are those times in which the channel that Rupert Murdoch help built can become overly mind numbing. I must conclude that anything supported by Fox News immediately will immediately have me changing the channel.

Fox News – The Land of Lies

Fox News 1

Now I have learned that me changing the channel from Fox News is the smartest thing I could have ever done. A new analysis by PunditFact found that over half of the statements made by a Fox News host or guest were flat-out false [1]. Interesting enough, many people like to quote the channel as telling facts. Yet, only a measly 8% of the statements could be considered completely “true” [2]. Thus, I feel vindicated for not watching the channel: it is a moneymaker built around a lot of rum flavored rubbish.

Fox News In Comparison To Others

Fox News 2

Interesting enough, Fox News was compared/contrasted with other news channels. MSNBC, which many consider Fox’s liberal counterpart, gives a mixed bag: tends to tell the truth more than they lie, and their “Pants on Fire” percentage is half of what Fox has [3]. Still, the falsehoods presented by MSNBC are rather high. CNN, better than both of the others, had an 18% falsehood rate [4]. It seems that CNN would be the better place to get the facts.

Fox News 3

False News and the Fox Hunt For Minds

All of this is actually important within the scheme of things in America. You see, many people treat their news channels like a holy grail. In fact, plenty of people follow Fox News as if they can do no wrong. In actuality, there entire purpose is not for the dissemination of facts to inform their viewers. Fox News exists to truly enrich minds with falsehoods and propaganda that suits a certain subset of our population.

Oh, and that subset would be the rich people of the nation. I wanted to say that just in case anyone was confused.

The bigger issue I have with the situation deals with the cognitive dissonance of the Fox News fanbase. Let’s cut through the chase: anybody with half a functioning cerebellum should know that Fox News is mostly bullshit. Yet, most of their fans don’t care because they have someone to appeal to their lies and diseased morale. In fact, the channel is damn near evangelical in their mission of misguidance of those that fight hard to live by the erroneous. Fox News keeps their fanbase because their fans want to be lied to.

Fox News, False Hoods, and True Summaries

Fox News is full of shit, but we all knew that information. Still, to find confirmation of that level of bullshit is intriguing. It is safe to say that many Americans do not want to learn anything new. Rather, they want to hold onto the beliefs that give them the most comfort. Thus, there is a simple reason why many things won’t improve: many of us don’t want them to.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!