As we should all know, I am a black man.

Not just any “black man”, I’m one that is “unapologetically black”. I’m not the type to play like my heritage is a problem for other races. Also, I am not the type to act as if “black people are better”. I don’t play the race card and look down on other races. Nor do I work to hide my heritage and shake my head in embarrassment over my own skin color. In the end, I recognize who I am and show pride in it.

Hey, Malcolm is the pure representation of my mentality. Just read the message and understand.

Which brings me right along to my next chocolate covered lie: black women don’t want black men anymore.

The Bigger Issue

Here is the bigger issue: there’s a disconnect between black men and black women. Like I mentioned before, there is always an issue between black women and black men (nowadays). How other races handle their issues is not clear to me. Then again, I am not concerned with them. What I am concerned with is the consistent media profiting on our problems that we (as a collective) need to solve/resolve.

The other bigger issue: I don’t care for the foolishness that some black men believe. Black women not wanting black men? I’m not buying that garbage. Yes, our black women are frustrated by us. In certain cases, they have that right. In other cases, they may be taking things too far. But the simple fact that women are discussing their disgust (right or wrong) shows that they still want us to win.

Regulating the Problem

Here are some situations that is causing all of the riff raff:

1.) Many black women have been misled: Remember the previous post I put out there about the stereotypes that many black men live under? Being criminals and uneducated clods when we have plenty of our men in college and graduating high school [1]? Of course you do. This was the main reason why I posted that blog: to erase the foolishness. The same can be said for Black women: they have one of the highest percentages of women in college and 4 out of 10 are enrolled in college [2]. Let the media tell it, our women are a bunch of loud banshees that crave attention and money. More so than not, they are busy getting their own and achieving.

2.) Too many pseudo experts speaking their minds: Sometimes, we have a tendency to give power and importance to people that think they know what they are talking about. Remember when people were upset about Slim Thug “jokingly” chastising black women [3]? People got upset. Mind you, he is a rapper, so his opinion has to be taken with a grain of salt (and a side of tequila shots). Plus, with Tyrese and Steve Harvey always working to tell black women “what is wrong with them, is there any surprise [4]? It is safe to say that we need REAL studies from REAL experts so we can make some headway.

3.) The increase in interracial dating: Yes, it is increasing. Yes, there are men that get with white women for status and whatnot. Most of those men are fools, though [5]. The same can be said for women. If anything, they marry outside of their race due to love, not in spite of. There are some women that due it out of spite; let us keep it honest. However, they will face their own issues eventually [6]. In the end, interracial dating won’t deem black men unsuitable for our women.

At least there are some of us (or even plenty) that agree with interracial marriage.

The Skinny

Black women, for the most part, will want their black men. As men, please do not be misled by the media. Also, stop listening to rappers/actors and their ideals about “what black women should do”. Interracial dating doesn’t change anything on a bigger scale. For the most part, our black men love our black women. Now, it is time for us to focus on loving each other “better”.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!