Let us just admit that Floyd Mayweather has a problem when it comes to women. We can sit up here and justify his actions if we want. People can run the rigmarole on “seeing worst done in the hood”. Or, we can even act like “we have done worst ourselves” when involved with women. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying into these uneducated hood apologists that want to let Floyd Mayweather’s bullshit slide.

If there is an explanation needed for my quick moment of unrelenting harsh language prior to this sentence, then I can give a great explanation. You see, the confirmed court documentation of Floyd Mayweather’s communication “issues” with Shantel Jackson, his former fiancé. Due to their court case over Floyd’s actions (as expected), these texts come out. Mayweather even posted a pic of Jackson’s sonogram and noted her abortion is the real reason they broke up. Naturally, Floyd Mayweather probably didn’t ask permission to do any of that stuff.

Floyd Mayweather Misunderstanding

A lot of people are going to note that we, as the general populace, don’t understand the full story. For one, do we even understand how Shantel Jackson treated Floyd? She could be the ice queen of gold diggers for all we know. There are probably plenty of character flaws that she needs to own up to herself. Thus, it must be mentioned that Shantel Jackson may not have been the best fit for Floyd Mayweather in the first place.

Even bigger than that, plenty of people are going to use the tried-and-true “humanity approach”. You see, Floyd Mayweather is a human being. And, in my role of Captain Obvious, we should note that humans are flawed. Mayweather is not a perfect individual; none of us are perfect, either. In the end, many will bring up the fact that “those without sin” should “cast the first stone”.

Floyd Mayweather Understanding

Quite honestly, I could care less what people feel in opposition to what I have to say. No disrespect, but are we actually blind to the fact that this man is a raving misogynist? Will it take another situation where he either beats another woman or works to manipulate her to show that he needs help? Or will we actually expect someone of such monetary magnitude to do something about his issues? What are we, as the people that probably have helped make him filthy rich, are going to actually expect from Floyd?

If one were to look at the evidence that the court has, anyone would note that Floyd Mayweather has an issue with being abusive and manipulative. Throughout the evidence, there are a few things happening:

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  • Floyd Mayweather worked to manipulate Shantel’s emotions by noting that he was in “danger” and it was “life and death”. That sounds pretty suicidal.
  • He works to appeal to her desires by noting that he would get her into 3 A list movies. I didn’t know that Floyd Mayweather had power over the big screen like that.
  • He even mentions the fact that he would expose her on social media. You know what happens next: pictures and videos become leaked out of nowhere. Harassment, anyone?

Add this to the few mentioned times that he has been found guilty of abusing multiple women over his career makes one cringe. Floyd Mayweather is practically your regular misogynist with a boat load of money.

Floyd Mayweather Resolution

My plea to Floyd Mayweather: man, please go get some counseling.

I say this because Floyd Mayweather has serious issues with the opposite sex. Women beating is one gross issue within itself. Now it comes to past that Floyd will strong arm and manipulate emotions to get what he wants? That isn’t a good look. Since the general populace supports his career, the general populace should also see that he gets the help he needs.

With great power, comes great responsibility. With great responsibility, comes greater expectations. Floyd Mayweather has a lot of expectations to fill. And he needs to find a way to fulfill them.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!