Guardians of The Galaxy 2 is out and I am going to go see it. That’s right. I’m going to sport my Rocket Racoon shirt, maybe get some popcorn, and enjoy the show in all its glory. Even if I only get to see Baby Groot do something childishly dumb, it will all be worth it. And this goes beyond GOTG 2 being a mere comic book movie. I am going to see this movie because the franchise has defied expectations.

Let me be clear here: Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t supposed to be a major hit. I’m sorry. It wasn’t. Sleeper hit? Sure. Major? As in over $700 million worldwide successful? Not exactly.

Even if we consider the fact that it costed a couple of hundred million to put the movie out, many of us wasn’t expecting GOTG to be one of the better Marvel affiliated movies.

Yet, here we are.

What is even more interesting is that there are other movies out there that did better than expected. Those movies are way better than they were supposed to be.

Movies Better Than They Should Be: Guardians of the Galaxy

Many can say what they will about this movie. What needs to be noted is that Guardians of the Galaxy kicked off from a comic book that most fan boys really didn’t care about. And this isn’t really speculation. GOTG was NOT a part of the popular comic lexicon.

Ask yourself: did you know anything about Drax, Gamorra, Rocket Racoon, Groot, or Star Lord Quill before the movie? If you did, chances are you read comics (a lot of them).

And this was not a popular series because the characters were not considered priority. Then, the movie happens and their popularity increases. The Marvel movie turns a nobody into somebody just that easy. This just shows us that anything can become popular with the correct premise and presentation.

Movies Better Than They Should Be: Logan

After watching Logan, I was pissed.

And I’m talking Arsenio-Hall-eating-the-cheese-then-slapping-everyone pissed.

What pissed me off about the movie isn’t that it was terrible; it was actually damn impressive. What pissed me off was that it was LIGHT YEARS better than any other Wolverine movie. Hell, it may be better than the vast majority of the X-Men movies themselves.

What made this movie happen was the fact that they unleashed what made Logan gripping in the comic book: the outsider-screwing-everything-up status. Added to the fact that the movie had hints of “No Country For Old Men” entrenched in its fabric made it work. Logan was in a world where he didn’t belong. This time around, it was obvious that his time was up. And these themes worked perfectly.

Too bad it had to happen on the LAST FILM as opposed to all of them.

Movies Better Than They Should Be: Rogue One

Rogue One is that secondary movie that is supposed to give explanation. This movie explains how the Rebel Alliance retrieved the Death Star plans (which led to its dismantling). Precursor films are always good for the worthwhile information and understanding of situations. Rogue One did this in spades. This movie really set up the mood and temperature for the climate that is Star Wars.

However, I find it unsettling that this movie is, by far, one of the most enthralling and endearing out of all of them. Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor reluctantly partner up for their own perspective, and interlocking, missions. K-2SO is by far the greatest, and most sarcastic, droid to ever be created. All the other cast of rebels made sure that they fought to the bitter end. And that they did because they were not there to live happily ever after; they were sacrificial lambs in the intergalactic gyro restaurant.

And after falling in love with the chemistry and characterization, they were killed off. Every. Last. One. Obliterated.

People, this is what war looks like: casualties and loss. Rogue One visualized that like no other Star Wars movie.

Movies Better Than They Should Be – Captain America: Winter Soldier

Before you all thrashed me into the Kala’s Netherworld, please let me explain.

I understand that Captain America: Winter Soldier was put out to give more clarity to the entire Cap/Bucky dynamic. I understand that this movie is still your typical tent pole comic book movie made for the hoopla. And I really get that Marvel couldn’t have any of that sophomore jinxing happening to this like it happened to Iron Man 2. So, I know this movie had to be successful out the gate.

Yet, I didn’t expect this movie to kick ass the way it did. And when I say kick ass, I mean that is what the movie is mainly about: kicking ass. That and a sprinkle of friendship.

To give an idea of what I am talking about, think of the movie Heat with a PG-13 rating and superheroes. If you get the picture, then this is what Captain America: Winter Soldier was.

Many people feel this is probably one of the best Marvel movies because of its back-to-basics human fisticuffs. This movie was practically filled with shoot outs and knuckle sandwiches being given out 2 for the price of 1. That scene with Bucky trying to take out Nick Fury? The manhandling Winter Soldier gave to all of them? The elevator group therapy session performed by Captain America’s fists?

Screw the theatrics and unnecessary CGI. If you want your superhero movie to succeed? Have plenty of fist fights and cans of whoop ass being handed out. Captain America: Winter Soldier proved this point.

Movies Better Than They Should Be – Blade

Yes, I saved the best for last. And no, I do not mean the best movie. I mean the best representation of a movie doing better than it was supposed to do.

What many of us have to understand is that Blade was not created to be major. For fucks sake, he is a B to C level superhero. In fact, he was a lackey for Doctor Strange (if you want to be accurate). As compelling as his background history was, Blade was nothing anyone was writing home about. And that lack of attention just may have been the smartest thing about this movie.

Sometimes, you have to make noise by bringing up a concept that no one expects. Blade, by far and wide, did just that. Blade wasn’t some goody two-shoes out to save the world. He was powered by vengeance for the death of his mother by vampires. Being a day-walker himself, Blade was even more angry. Plus, he wasn’t here trying to save any lives; all that hero stuff was secondary to his main mission.

Although the Blade movies didn’t make the humongous bucks that the other Marvel movies tend to corral, it did turn over handsome profits. Each movie was made for between $50-65 million and typically made over $100 million dollars. That isn’t the biggest win for this movie, though. What this movie proved to Marvel that, if done right, a superhero movie could be extremely lucrative if done right.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!