Many of us out there have goals that we want to achieve before we die or “get too old”. For plenty, there is the idea of traveling the world to see the sights. For others, there is working somewhere they always wanted to work. Whether it deals with the occupational or the leisure, plenty of us have those goals that we seek to accomplish. And they are not small to us.

In fact, achieving these goals can be comparable to achieving a sort of happiness.

And that is how I felt when I finally wrote my first young adult/middle grade novel Life In The Atmosphere.

Five Lessons From Writing My First Book

Still, writing a novel is no simple task within itself. There are things that have to be done and I’m not sure I got my novel to 100 percent perfection. Then again, that part is irrelevant. What IS relevant is the fact that I have something out there. From this point, all I can do is work to promote and improve.

At the end of it all, there were five things I had to do to get this book out of my system.

1.) I had to work on my craft: If I was to be a writer, then I had to write. And by write, I mean either put words on paper or straight into a computer word processor. And it couldn’t be something that was an occasional thing. This work has to be ongoing. It doesn’t matter if you are just working on side situations (like my blogging) to keep the creativity and activity going. Writing is like working out: you either use it or lose it.

2.) I could not be afraid of “the redo”: When someone is trying to write a book, there is always concern with “the redo”. “The redo” refers to rewriting, tossing out ideas, and even starting from scratch. I didn’t restart, but I did rewrite. I did remove plenty of info, words, and ideas to make things flow smoothly. At the end of the day, I could not be afraid of making necessary changes.

3.) I had to keep my eyes on the prize: Achieving a goal means that one cannot give up or quit. Sure, they can take a break. That is understood. However, giving up is not an option. And that is something I had to realize. I had to see all of this through. Yes, I could take a few months off to actually live life (I’m a teacher). But, I had to make sure that I make this happen. No retreat-No surrender is more than a Jean-Claude Van Damme film; it is an actual useful ideal to follow.

4.) Bad Boys Move In Silence: And I know I run the risk of sounding like a cliche Notorious B.I.G. lyric, but this piece of knowledge is true. Everything cannot be revealed to people. In fact, I would suggest revealing very little until you are sure that your situation is going to happen regardless of what others think. Many will either applaud you. Others will be like “meh”. However, I have some news for you:

Most don’t care about what you are trying to do until you finally make it happen.

So, don’t ruin the momentum or give up a great idea for someone to disrupt by speaking on it too early.

5.) Ask for help; especially the help that involves you paying money: Eventually, I do want to be compensated for all of this hard work through book sales. But, there were things that I could not do myself. So, I had to hire some people to do things for me like editing my book, revising my edited text, and even designing my book cover. And yes, I paid these people. I wanted some quality work. And I didn’t want some favors unless they were being gracious about it. At no point do I want to put in ALL the work I can’t possibly do. I realized that I couldn’t do everything on my own. So why try?

Five Lessons Epilogue

Am I excited that I finally got my book done? Absolutely. Does this mean all of the work stops? Not at all. I’m not with a publishing company. Meaning: I am self-contained and self-reliant. If I don’t work, I don’t eat. Still, being self-reliant doesn’t translate to the goal being impossible. It means that I had to understand certain things about myself, and writing itself, to be successful. At the end of it all, I had to realize that it all falls upon what I make happen. Everything outside of me achieving my goal was secondary.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

You can preorder/order the book here: Life In the Atmosphere