Larry Jefferson made me proud of all the Black Santas that exists out there. And no, it isn’t because he stood up to a mob of racists. And he didn’t have to save a cat from being stuck in a tree. Rather, Jefferson took the time to do his job with honor and humility. So much that Larry Jefferson became the first Black man to be featured as Santa Claus at the Mall of America. And this is something to be proud of (it being a first and all).

black santa

Yet, there are those that have their issues when it came to the Black Santa of Mall of America. The online world became ablaze with the harsh commentary. All because this Santa has skin of bronze and hair of wool. Never mind that this Santa was booked for days on end due to his popularity. Never mind that people flew from all over the country to bear witness to an event of this magnitude. Some white people could not be thrilled at history happening.

You know, because Santa Claus is white. Right?

Wrong. And I think I need to help put an end to this delusional malarkey so people can stop crying white tears.

Black Santa as White Santa

There are two main problems that need to be addressed with this situation.

The first issue I have is that Santa Claus is a fictional character that stretches cultural boundaries. David Kyle Johnson broke part of this down perfectly in a Psychology Today article:

It’s said that Santa’s gift giving derives from St. Nicholas giving gifts of gold to a father trying to marry off his daughters, but this story is apocryphal (borrowed from Philostratus’ stories about the Pythagorean philosopher Apollonius), and added to Nicholas’ story much later. [1]

Plus, added to the idea of how the reindeer were named and the clothes that he wears, it is plain to see that Santa is an amalgamation of cultural gift giving over the centuries.

And then there is the second problem: white people are always up in arms about frivolous things. To think that there are people out there crying foul over an imaginary, multicultural character is amazingly daft to begin with. Yet, the overflow of white tears lets me know that I was wrong. I have to truly accept that some white people have to feel as if their cultural affiliations are being trampled on. You know, because oppression is the “new white” for some of them.

Personally, I think they need hugs, warm cookies, and a cup of milk waiting for them when they wake up.

Black Santa Epilogue

Black Santa can be Black Santa. White Santa can be White Santa. Santa can be Mikey Mouse as long as Disney grants the clearances. The color, creed, sexuality, and genetic make-up of Santa is irrelevant. What really matters is that none of this matters. Much of this is either used for good feelings or the emptying of bank accounts.

At the end of the day, all of this shit is made up. Plus, materialism reigns supreme. White people: stay woke.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!