Faith, as a virtue, is so underrated. People don’t use it enough (if you ask me). When you show faith, you show confidence and trust. Whether it is in a person or a thing, you show that you trust they will come through. Even when the proof is not evident, your trust is more than unwavering. Still, many don’t have faith because they don’t even understand how it works.

In all forms of double entendre, Faith Evans demonstrated in her track “Soon As I Get Home”. She promised to make it up to her lover. She promised to make things right. As a woman, and a mate, it was all about her partner and his satisfaction/happiness. Thus, she chooses to work for the faith in her relationship.

Oh, man........this is hilarious.

Oh, man……..this is hilarious.

Like many Christians would say, faith without work is dead. With that said, does it mean that work with unfaithfulness can lead to a deadly situation?


I have been with my man about 2 and half years. Everything is good and I love him to death but I have wanted to mess with another guy. I haven’t done anything yet.  However, temptation always rears its head. It has been bothering me for a while. So, I want to know what should I do?


I know what you SHOULDN’T do: mess around with that other person.

First of all, if you haven’t done it by now then you obviously don’t need to do it. You are just further sending yourself towards moments of hurt and regret. You are already questioning IF you should do it. So, you already know that this is like crossing the Rubicon. Do you really want that: to go where you cannot come back?

You want to live like this guy? Do you?

You want to live like this guy? Do you?

Second, you have to be considerate of your mate. How would he react if he found out you disrupt his faith in you due to a piece ass? Do you honestly think this will end up being a resolvable situation? Do you think he will forgive? If he does forgive, do you think he will forget? And this doesn’t even begin to question whether he is emotionally stable; he may snap and cause a crime scene. Therefore, a concern for your boyfriend/lover is something to seriously consider.

Things can always go insane.

Things can always go insane.

Last, but not least, you have to consider what happens if things go wrong. You run the risk of catching something. You could either catch a pregnancy, a disease, or feelings. Also, those three options aren’t exclusively to each other: two can be caught at a time (or even all three). In the end, is it worth the risk of changing your life forever?

Again: things can get crazy.

Again: things can get crazy.

You have to be smart about your decisions. If you can’t even make a snap decision about doing something you know you shouldn’t do, just don’t do it. The response he may give if he finds out won’t be good. The consequences that you could face won’t be that great, either. Thus, you should never do something where the conclusion isn’t a great one.

Keep the faith, sweetie. Keep the faith.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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