So, Eric Harris was shot and killed by police after he ran from them. Also, he was shot while he was on the ground. And no, I’m not making this up as I type along. I am giving you what I saw on the raw video that was picked up off of a policeman in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m giving you the real deal as to what happened.

In reality, this is just another case of another Black man being shot when it wasn’t even necessary. But it is the commentary that happened during that still sends chills up my spine:

“I shot him!” the former policeman says, dropping his gun. “I’m sorry.”

Bates was assisting other deputies who were trying to take Harris into custody after the felon fled from police during a sting operation, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office’s said.

“You shouldn’t have f—–g ran!” another deputy screams, as Harris is held down by his neck and head. [1]

So, one of the cops had the nerve to say that “You shouldn’t have ran!” in response to Harris freaking out because HE WAS SHOT! Still, there is a lot to be understood about this entire story. Once I go over the facts, there will be fallout.

Eric Harris Fallout

You know the reason that I know there will be fallout? Well, it is simple: Eric Harris was being a criminal at the moment. He was trying to sell a 9mm pistol to an undercover agent when he was being chased. Of course, this is prompted his imitation of Carl Lewis to escape the police. And that is when everything spiraled out of control.

The Run

The Run

So, I am expecting to hear the regular malarkey about why Eric Harris “should have been shot”:

  • He was a criminal.
  • He had a criminal past.
  • He was caught in a criminal act and he ran from the police.

I look forward to people justifying the use of excessive force on an individual that was caught up doing a crime and ran. I also expect to see people make this into a situation where Eric Harris “got what he deserve” or “he did it to himself”. I really want to hear people tell me that “he shouldn’t have ran” and all the other excuses for the death of Eric Harris.

Eric Harris Was Wrongfully Shot

From a realistic point of view, Eric Harris was wrongfully shot because he posed no threat to anyone. True, he was in the middle of trying to sell a gun. However, at that moment he was unarmed. Also, he was fleeing on foot and ended up being put to the ground. With three to four police officers converging, tasing him would have been pointless.

The Hold Down

The Hold Down

Shooting him? Yes, that is what we call excessive.

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun

And then there are those times where people on murderous rampages were never shot. James Eagan Holmes is still alive if I do recall. To date, there are plenty of murderers behind bars instead of shot up. Eric Harris wasn’t accused of murder. Eric Harris was trying to be an illegal gun salesman (and a terrible one at that).

Eric Harris Epilogue

Shortly after the Walter Scott fiasco, we now have this on our hands. At some point, Black people will start avoiding the police at all cost. Or, they will just give up and leave it in God’s hands. Still, the pointless killings of people has to stop at some point. At is, unless we want another Ismaaiyl Brinsley situation.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!