Intriguing enough, Drake released this version of Trust Issues to feature The Weeknd. Since this would be a remix, it would only be fitting. We all know that remixes feature a different take and/or perspective. From there, people can take the situation to new heights and directions. Thus, I think this version is just as potent as the one I posted in my previous trust blog.

The song has this much meaning because trust issues come from not only male infidelity but female infidelity, too.


I’ve cheated and lied to my boyfriend in the past, but I’m a changed person now. Yet, he still has doubts and doesn’t feel like he can trust me anymore. How can I earn back his trust? How can I show him I’ve changed? And, how can make this a 50/50 relationship?


I would have gotten deeper into WHY you cheated in the first place. However, now isn’t the time for that. Right now, let us work on proving you are “worthy of trust” again.

THIS is probably how he looked when he found out....

THIS is probably how he looked when he found out….

All of this will depend on two things: how you prove to be towards him and the relationship and how he takes everything.

At some point, he has to realize that you have changed. You can keep proving it to him time and time again if you want to erase any doubts. But this all depends on how deeply he either “notices” or “wants” to believe that you are capable of recognizing your mistakes and not making them again. If it is apparent that you are making an effort, then he needs to recognize and realize that you want things to be different. Otherwise, he is being delusional and your efforts will be for naught.

Maybe if they learned how to spell "homosexuals", then I would be convinced.....

Maybe if they learned how to spell “homosexuals”, then I would be convinced…..

There are numerous things that you can do. One thing to do is hold yourself accountable for where you are at all times. He doesn’t need to know your every move. But, he should be able to know most of thme or predict the rest. Also, there is the “mystical magic” of prayer (whether you believe it helps or not). In addition to prayer, making sure you communicate when you are in AND out of the house tends to help. There are numerous ways to assist your situation.

These are the breaks! Kurtis Blow style!

These are the breaks! Kurtis Blow style!

Whatever reason you cheated is neither here nor there. What you need to focus on now is making sure your relationship is plausible and worthwhile. If you want trust, then give him every reason to feel secure. Otherwise, this will be a wasted effort from the beginning. Still, he has to recognize that you are working to change or it will be a headache. I know lied in bed while lying to him. Now it is time to make up your bed while you make it up to him.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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