Donald Trump’s words have echoed through my brain for the past few days.

“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Right after that, I had to make sure that I heard everything correctly. I knew damn well that this high ranking millionaire wasn’t out here making lewd comments like this. I was hoping that he was saying this in jest. However, I realized that Donald Trump was dead serious. In fact, Trump is the totality of all things misogynistic and revolting that I find in many men in the world.

Later on, I had to face my worst fears: I was just as revolting as Donald Trump.

Let me break down the events that lead to this revelation.

Donald Trump Revels In The Misogyny of America

Just as soon as he was caught red handed being a misogynistic ass, women took to Twitter to give off their first sexual assaults. Led by Kelly Oxford, scores of women started sounding off on the first time they were sexually assaulted. And yet, there is a recurring theme with them: the majority of these situations happened at young ages. And I mean young like between “12-18” type of young. I mean before they have a realization of what their sexuality entails, these women have been sexually assaulted.

A lot of times, it was grown men. And then, there were the times when it was men within their age group. Basically, they were boys. As the old phrase goes, it was “boys being boys”. The typical subject of “locker room” banter”. The typical justification of testosterone laden misogyny.

Does anyone see the problem besides me? If you do, then follow along.

Donald Trump is a Problem for Manhood

I was once one of those young men that followed the mantra of “boys being boys”. “Messing around with the girls” being mannish. Touching on them without permission. Doing all the things that signified “manhood”. In reality, I was doing nothing but justifying misogynistic ideals in the form of “growing up”. And now that I have “grown up”, I realize a lot of what I did was pure bullshit.

I understand that I was a young man back then. I realize that a lot of what I was doing was some type of machismo mixed with posturing and rep building. Still, what good does it do when it was all wrong? Touching on girls without their permission and doing things I had no business doing? I don’t feel like a man because of it. In fact, I feel more of a man because I realize that the things I did was not good.

Donald Trump is a misogynist just like many other men. And this is where the problem needs to be mended. It is time for men to teach young men and boys that violating a female is not acceptable. The locker room talk of “boys being boys” will only lead to men never maturing. A woman should trust that a man will protect her, not violate her. This is what makes Donald Trump dangerous: he is a boy that imitates a man. And it is a horrible idea to consider that many people look up to a predatory windbag like him.

Men: respect yourself by respecting women.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!