Now THIS right here? This was a gem of a song. Actually, it still is a gem. You have Rockness Monstah and Sean Price (Ruck) seeking therapy. This was a dope concept that went over many people’s heads.

Why? Well, because this goes against any manly stigma that anyone is used to.

The Question:

Well here is my question: my hubby and I have been on this see saw for almost 5 years now. This year he has literally asking for a divorce. I cannot continue to do this alone. I am in counseling and has suggested numerous times that he join or talk to someone. He refuses. He has been more and more distant since both of his friends are separated. Knowing this, I have suggested that they talk to an outside party together and seek help in their relationships. I was turned down as if I was slapped in the face. So now, I need to know why men don’t think it’s OK to express themselves with each other. It’s not a private issue if it is an everyday conversation among themselves right??? (grass is looking good on the other side)

Men don’t express themselves to each other? Oh, there is a bigger problem: men have to deal with the stigma of not seeing counseling and therapy like they should.

Let us just face it: most men don’t consider therapy “the thing to do”. According to Jill Berger, PhD, a graduate of psychology from Nova Southeastern University “society demands that men emulate a Marlboro man ideal–tough, independent and unemotional–that just isn’t compatible with therapy” [1]. To many of us, men have to be “manly enough” to solve their own problems. This is reflective in the lack of men seeking therapy: psychologist John Vessey, PhD, reviewed several epidemiologic surveys just to find that a full two-thirds of mental health outpatient visits were made by women [2]. Thus, it is this stigma of being “a manly man” that is keeping the male population in the can.

Yet, when men end up dejected from life like Oscar the Grouch, we start feeling sorry.

I say to hell with that. Why? Because it is time for a change.

Luckily, there is a change in the tide with many men. There has been an increase in men: a poll sponsored by Psychology Today and PacifiCare Behavioral Health, Inc. found that men constitute 37 percent of the total number of patients in treatment [3]. This number is said that more men are going, yet they are still 1/3 of the number (like I mentioned before). So, the proportion hasn’t changed. However, many men usually go at the inking and prodding by a female significant other [4]. Hence, there is an increase in men seeking help by the inspiring women by their side.

All due truthfulness, men need to let go of that stigma. We can’t keep feeling that we don’t need some form of counseling when we do. Why try to be the Marlboro Man when his bad habits are cancerous? Our bad habits will reflect his: we will end up dead or dying from bad choices and lack of acknowledgment of our issues. Conclusively, we need to drop our cigarette mentality for some peace of mind and Nicorette.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!


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