Larry Elder, Larry Elder, Larry Elder.

Wait: you are a Fox correspondent. No wonder...

Wait: you are a Fox correspondent. No wonder…

We all know you as the intellectually speaking, rabble rousing Black man that tends to be the “pseudo-mirror” for all African Americans. I respect your approach and I respect your hustle (it IS how you make your money). Also, I understand your take on things. You want Black people to, at some point, take responsibility for their actions and “pull themselves up by their boot straps and become better citizenry”. So, you feel you do what you do for the greater good of Black America.

Keyword: feel. Your feelings and what is actually done are two different things. More on that later.

What is more entertaining is that YOU went on Piers Morgan and had your rant. You rarely gave Piers Morgan a word in edge wise, for one. You easily made it seem that you owned the interview. Then, you wanted to insult the man on his own show and can’t even answer a different question.

Oh, and George Zimmerman has a history of getting caught up in criminal activity.

Here is my response to you, sir:


1.)    Racism isn’t a major issue in America? Have you lost your mind?

We saw racism become “more apparent” as soon as Obama hit office. If a PRESIDENT isn’t safe from the racism of America, then who the hell is? I understand that you speak for those “that don’t believe racism exists”. I get that. But acting like it doesn’t exist only makes things worst. The problem won’t go away just because you want to ignore it.

I bet racism/racial profiling still exists in New York, sir.

I bet racism/racial profiling still exists in New York, sir.

I don’t know what is worse:  the existence of racism or the fact that you are disillusioned to think it doesn’t exist.

2.)    Who the hell said Trayvon Martin is the number one issue in America?

Oh, it is a major issue because a kid got killed by an overzealous man that did not make the right decision. But we all know this situation played out horribly. Yet, no one think it is the major issue of America. It isn’t. What it may be is the catalyst for a few changes here and there. THIS is the type of thing we need: a movement.

I mean, this is the truth. Deny it if you want to.

I mean, this is the truth. Deny it if you want to.

If a movement is achieved, you work to guide it. You don’t work to break it up.

3.)    What is the issue with Rachel Jeantel?

You do know that Rachel is what we call an “English Language Learner” in the education world right? You do know that English isn’t her first language, correct? You do know that Piers Morgan isn’t there to tell her to “do something with her life”, right? You can tell her to “get her life together” all you want to. She will probably do that.

I don’t know what your issue is with her, but you really need to simmer down on that one.

4.)    And what is with the worthwhile, and highly irrelevant, facts given in the show?

You gave some interesting footnotes for people to think about and I applaud you. You brought up the Chicago murders. You also brought up the likelihood of Blacks being killed by Blacks. And you also hit on the facts about crime, employment and even the lack of marriage. So, you get much applause for that.

But sir, you can’t even stick with a subject long enough to give something that is actually FOCUSED.

Trayvon Martin is about injustice. INJUSTICE. And no, people aren’t going to stop talking about it. Hell, they shouldn’t.

We can always go to this method....

We can always go to this method….

Furthermore, your facts were skewed. Blacks are just as likely to kill Blacks just as whites are more likely to kill whites. It is called the proximity of crime [1]. Also, you tend to talk about the economic issues, but are you making sure people understand how they help exacerbate criminal activity? It is one thing to tell the facts, but it is another thing to make sure they help us ALL.

Also, there have been many marches, forums, TV shows, etc. to address the issue with black on black crime, the issues with your young black men, and other situations that concern the Black community. Not addressing this is just a cop out.

The Skinny

Instead of using this time to make sure people stay focused and take their collective protests and focus on the next issue at hand (or more important issues), you worked to try and eradicate it altogether. Of course people aren’t going to follow you. Of course people are going to be insulted by you.

I can see why many Black people aren’t a fan of you and your opinions. Quite frankly, you are great at finger-pointing. Yet, the smartest thing would not be to take the air out of the movement and protests that are happening. The smartest thing would have been to guide the Black populace toward making changes in the community that you desperately want them to improve.

Then again, you are big on being heard and small on connecting to the community you work hard to connect to. You DID write the book Stupid Black Men, right?

Well, I mean...they invite the Racial Card Game, but get mad when some of us play the race card...go figure.

Well, I mean…they invite the Racial Card Game, but get mad when some of us play the race card…go figure.

I guess, it is what it is.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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