I knew this situation was coming. I knew I would get into a circumstance where I feel the inspiration to acknowledge some madness that I have seen on the internet. I know that many people felt a certain way about race and race relations. I also figured that there would be more people out there that wasn’t very proud of their African American heritage. Thus, I knew that I would be faced with more madness in the name of “relinquishing some part of someone’s personal Blackness”.

Once again, I am thrust into a situation dealing with such maddening poppycock. Pure and unadulterated poppycock. And I’m not referring to the popcorn-caramel-peanut treat either.


So, I was led to this video by a wonderful woman on Facebook (I forget who). She felt that the man in the video was a misrepresentation of true manhood. In actuality, she probably had an issue with his ways, actions, and flair. She couldn’t understand why he would feel the way he felt. Then again, once people feasted their eyes on him, they would eventually understand what the real problem is.

The man’s name on his Youtube channel is “1814dreadyhead” or whatever the case may be. I have no real names and I don’t care for it, either.

What I can say is this: his argument (for whatever it is worth) is full of holes and moments of questionable worth:

1.)    He wants people to understand what he is saying, but he hasn’t said much: he really didn’t get into anything deep outside of experiencing some trifling women. This is nothing more than a personal rant on his circumcised experiences. And by circumcised, I mean “cut short”.

2.)    His reasoning lacks true purpose: from his own personal experience, he dealt with some sorry women. Yet, he wants to disassociate those traits with “half of the black women out there”. But he still gives the traits to the other half of these said women. To top it off, he wanted to note that these “hood rat hoes” get on his nerves and why. But if he knows there are two types of women (in his eyes), then why become jaded?

And I bet you at least ONE black man will complain about what they see right here, though....

And I bet you at least ONE black man will complain about what they see right here, though….

3.)    Then again, his words do have true purpose: the true purpose behind the majority of what he is saying is the fact that he is a bitter male. It takes a truly bitter man to complain about the women that you aren’t interested in. The women he is referring to is of the lowest common denominator. I won’t sit up here and act like these women don’t exist. I will make note of the fact is that he is defining his actions by an overall complaint about a sector and not a whole.

4.)    Then there is the “other questionable qualities”: another issue that I wonder about is his latent-yet-visual perspective on sexuality. To make my words easier to understand, I think this man is actually gay. I have no problem with his sexuality. However, he is worried about dating women that he is probably prettier than. Also, why would he want to complain about not having any interest in these women when he is probably more feminine than they are? I’m not trying to be funny about it, either.

He looks really effeminate. I am just saying.

He looks really effeminate. I am just saying.

As you can see, I feel that women have such a hard time because of men like this taking of the “airwaves of the internet”. I thought Tommy Sotomayor was bad (and he IS horrible). However, this 1814dreadyhead is probably one of the worst I have seen thus far. Basing your actions off of your own experiences when there is better out there for you is rather silly. He should have just told everyone that is “bitter because he can’t come out of the closet”. At least then his argument would have made some sense.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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