George Zimmerman was found not guilty.

On one hand, this doesn’t shock me one bit. The fact that this case even went to trial for so long kind of led me to believe that Zimmerman would get off easy. The prosecution team did spotty at best. Some of the witnesses for Trayvon were off to wholly unprepared. So, things were shaky in the first place.

Yet, I thought one thing would prevail: common sense. Put it this way: you have a man (possibly racist) follow a teenage when he was told not to. He ends up getting into a fight with said teenager and kills that teenager. We KNOW he profiled him, followed him, and killed him. We KNOW he was told not to do this. In the end, he did what he wanted to do and ended up doing the unnecessary.

At the very least, he SHOULD have gotten manslaughter. But yet again, another GUILTY person was found NOT GUILTY.

People ARE this smart.

People ARE this smart.

And to be honest, I am not sure which is worst: the actual verdict or the misguided ass responses to the situation. I understand that many of “you out there” don’t care. Good. Don’t give a fuck. And I also understand that you are tired of it being a “racial issue”. Good. Stop being racist or end racism and we will get it together (and by “we”, I mean Black people). But PLEASE make sure you understand that this issue will not end because you don’t like it/agree with it. We have every right to feel the way we feel. Don’t let your apathy get tangled up with my empathy. In the end, my empathy will whoop your apathy’s ass.

Don’t believe me? Try me.

Never, huh Steve King???

Never should have been prosecuted, huh Steve King???

Now that I addressed the responses, let me address America as a whole: you have failed us all. Yes, “us all” and not only “Black America”. YOU have determined that the justice system doesn’t work for teenagers that are profiled. YOU have determined that the justice system is leery of those Black people with very little money (you see OJ won, right). YOU have determined that it takes a white person in Florida can be of “the fairer skin” and may get off with murder. In the category of justice, YOU get an “F”, America.

Yep: and many of us took the time to poke fun. So disrespectful.

Yep: and many of us took the time to poke fun. So disrespectful.

Be proud. You earned it.

This situation opens up a can of worms. Once people stop believing in the judicial system, they BECOME the judicial system. So, you will either see people not trust in the system doing them any good (and not deal with it) or simply don’t care (and abide to their own). They will either avoid the situation or take things into their own hands. And is this really what we want as an American populace? Do we REALLY want a bunch of human beings not abiding by the laws that are supposed to protect us because we can’t trust them in the first place?

That is a good question: WHEN will it end?

That is a good question: WHEN will it end?

When The Onion makes a joke about your judicial system, then wear the punch line around your neck. You, my good judicial system, are the joke.

Peace to Michael David Dunn on that one.

So, what can we do in order to actually find some true peace? For one, you can simply sign petitions that will have him served with a civil rights/wrongful death charges. Also, you can actually take a stand. Don’t riot. Don’t destroy. Peaceful protests and staged situations are cool, but we have to show the world we are above the insane reproaches. We, as black people, have to demonstrate that we can “use the law” to fight “against the law”. That is the only simple way to do it.

Oh, and rest in heaven to Trayvon Martin. We won’t forget you. Ever.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!


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