There are reasons for this, sir.

There are reasons for this, sir.

One of my good friends brought up a scenario that I found hard to believe. I wanted to share this with you all and expound upon it more for the sake of gaining knowledge:

 So this ex-Marine and I were talking about his disability. He got shot in Iraq and they kicked him out and only gave him 10% disability. ($244 a month…I’m 30%). Anyway, he says that his ex-wife got 100%, or $2,500 a month for PTSD…..but NEVER saw combat. They have it to her for separation anxiety for having 4 kids.

But it gets worse….

This chick also gets $2,000 a month for SSI. So, she receives $4,500 a month total for doing nothing. She then leaves him and the four kids. So now she’s paying him child support.

When it goes through, it displays the first and last name of the payee. This month, her last name was different. I originally thought she reverted back to her maiden name. But no, this chick abandons her husband and kids and marries her freshly ex-husband‘s father.

Now, I know some are looking at me cross-eyed. It was the same look that I gave my computer screen when he told me all of this. I was pretty alarmed at the fact that a woman would actually do something so dastardly. Beyond the marrying her ex’s father (which is another story), there is the bigger issue: she left her kids. This was a situation that threw me for a loop.

Then again, I am beginning to realize that I was wrong all along.

Chocolate covered lie: there aren’t that many deadbeat moms out there.

The Reasoning

The biggest reason that a lot of light rarely gets put on deadbeat moms is due to the fact there are SO MANY deadbeat dads out there. In the past, it was statistically known that 1/3 of the women supposed to be receiving child support payments were not getting their money. Those numbers were in the millions. That is a lot of children that may be lacking proper support. Therefore, anyone would clearly see why “deadbeat daddy syndrome” gets more attention.

Bigger Issue

deadbeat moms 1

Yet, there are a lot of things that people don’t get to see: Looking at some past data (over 10 years old), I did get to learn some things:

  • Only 57 percent of moms were paying up in comparison to 68 percent of the dads.
  • Moms were getting 60 percent of what they were owed. Dads were getting 48 percent.
  • 7 percent of custodial moms worked more than 44 hours per week. 24 percent of custodial dads worked more than 44 hours per week. [1]

So, having deadbeat moms out there is an issue. It seems as if society focuses on the deadbeat dad situation (and rightfully so) since there are more of them out there. However, we cannot ignore the situation with all the mothers out there not upholding their end of the bargain.

The Skinny

Deadbeat parents are an issue on both sides. Having a deadbeat dad is not a good thing. Yet, having a deadbeat mom isn’t a walk in the park either. Since both situations have nothing good to offer, I would hope that people would realize they need to be parents in all aspects. They need to support their children physically, emotionally, AND financially. Children didn’t choose to be made; they should not have to choose to be raised.

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Raise your kids the best way you can, people. Give that full effort each and every time.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!


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