Diggame (fellow blogger at Ashy2Classy.net) is surely a maestro at instigating the interrogatives. As usual, he asks 25 rhetorical questions. His main motivation is to get people to either thinking or talking. Yet, he never fails to entertain his fans and followers. It can be said that his questions really get intellectual, yet engaging, conversations going

And as usual, I engage myself in giving answers. Let us see how I make it happen:

  1. Can we all admit that Miley Cyrus twerkin has made herself a minstrel show?

Most of us have, though. Some have even taken it as far as her “appropriating Black culture”, “being racist”, or just can’t twerk worth anything. Personally, I was offended most by her outfit.

Wooooo....and it still looks terrible.

Wooooo….and it still looks terrible.

  1. Who said Christians weren’t freaks? And how dope is the idea Christian Swingers site?

People need to realize that sexuality is HUMAN. I know Christian women that would do things your favorite porn star can do (and better). I also know of Christians that are heavy in church BECAUSE OF their sexual habits (that they want to break). Oh, and the Christian Swingers website is one of the best things Jesus could allow.

  1. Are people going to start deleting their friends on Facebook since they are using people’s friends list to look a credit scores?

Wait, what? Man….I can’t even give a good answer to that. Zuckerberg better straighten that out, though.

  1. Why haven’t you been playing the life changing music of Doe Man?

I don’t know. But, I shall rectify that very soon!

  1. Why has everyone that was NOT name by Kendrick Lamar responding?

Well, people took it personal. Actually, they feel a certain way about that Kurupt lifted lyrical lashing about being the “King of NY”. Or, they either want attention for not being mentioned. Plus, people freestyle over the “hottest beats” nowadays.

  1. Who doesn’t believe that Ur Boy Bangz doesn’t have THE BEST response to Kendrick Lamar?

I don’t. But then again, I would have to hear it.

  1. Is it time for porn star Prince Yahshua to retire when he has injured his dick for the 2ND TIME??

He can’t retire yet! His Timberland boots are legendary!!!

  1. How long are people going to hate on Ben Affleck for being cast as Batman?

As soon as Agent J and Agent K clear our memories of the travesty that is the Daredevil movie. People don’t expect success from failure.


  1. Who really agrees with Pharrell when he says Justin Timberlake is the modern-day Marvin Gaye?

I don’t. I mean, the man is talented as all get out. But modern day Marvin Gaye would imply a social conscience mixed with personal pain and heavy drug use ending a life tragically. Or maybe I am thinking way too deeply.

  1. How real are things getting over in Syria now?

Things are real everywhere in those areas. That is the problem: people downplay the U.S. like we have problems (which we do). But some of our issues are NOTHING compared to the issues in other lands.

  1. Am I wrong for buying Lee Daniel‘s The Butler on bootleg?

Nope. It doesn’t mean you won’t eventually go to the theatre. Nor will it mean you won’t get the DVD.

  1. Is it a good idea for the 1st Lady Michelle Obama to be dropping a rap album?

No. And that is all I can say for that.

  1. Am I the only one who believes Martin was a better TV show than Seinfeld?

No, you aren’t. Seinfeld was more of a “everyday life” funny. Martin was more slapstick foolishness (at times). Some didn’t like Martin. However, no one could honestly deny the colorful characters and snappy put downs that Lawrence came with.

martin lawrence

  1. Doesn’t the Gospel remake of R. Kelly’s Bump and Grind NOT make you want to go to church?

Man, I’m not even going there with that one. Praise Jesus of Latter Day Saints.

  1. Why haven’t you subscribed and been listening to my podcast Straight Outta LoCash?

Time constraints between working, writing, and being a husband? Excuses, but still…

  1. Can we finally accept that Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta, Holy Grail was just an okay album?

People like different things. Personally, I thought it was pretty good. Others think it was trash. Then again, people think Kanye’s album was some sort of genius.

  1.  Do we believe in the March on Washington more than we believe in ourselves?

People always search for something to grasp onto for inspiration. So, in a sense, we do believe in things before we believe in ourselves. Otherwise, we would work to have our own inspirational moments relegated to our present processes.

  1. Who else is scared that Fox is going to somehow mess up X-Men: Days of Future Past?

They screwed up Daredevil. They screwed up Elektra. I still haven’t forgiven them for those two debacles.

  1. How sucker is it that 40 Glocc is suing The Game when he claims to be so “gangsta”?

Here is a better question: how did you figure it was worth your keystrokes to even mention 40 Glocc?

  1. Who isn’t excited that Pole Dancing may become an Olympic Sport?

It may? Holy moley! We get to see “shoe models” work the poley poley? Judges better have their ones ready. And by “ones”, I mean “dead presidents”.

You HAVE to be gifted to pull something like THIS off.

You HAVE to be gifted to pull something like THIS off.

  1. Since steroids are so rampant in baseball why don’t they just go ahead and let players do it?

Good question. Then again, I think college players should get paid and Miley Cyrus should get twerk lessons.

  1. Who else is counting down till the return of The Walking Dead?

I am! And the funnier part is that I still don’t watch the show.

  1. Is the Kardashian family changing from being good luck charms to being a curse?

They were good luck charms? The only people that benefited from the Kardashians are the media, the networks, and the Kardashians themselves. The beauty of it all is that these women benefited from lawyer money, Bruce Jenner’s sacrificed manhood, and Kim/Ray J’s need of attention via sex tape.

Peace to Brandy’s brother.

  1. Why did the mainstream media anoint Miley Cyrus as the “Twerk Queen”?

Mainstream media is usually good for two things: bringing attention to situations and giving people the wrong idea. With Miley Cyrus, BOTH instances occurred.

Juicy J done helped turn her out.

Juicy J done helped turn her out.

  1. With the diversity of good MCs out now are we in another Golden age of Hip hop?

Maybe. It could happen if these emcees keep releasing great/semi-classic/classic albums. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, you had albums that were worth the press release and purchase. Nowadays, too many albums are either unrecognized or not worth the monetary investment. Then, you have the calamity of dealing with artists that mixtapes are always better than their albums (Wale).

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!


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