I had to bring this one back. ZZ Hill is doing his thing with the explanation of this situation. Not many can explain how cheating occurs like ZZ. So much care and emotion went into the making of this song. It almost seems as if this song represents a stage in his life.

The only problem is that many have “stipulations” on what is, and isn’t, cheating.


Is there such a thing as cheating in a non-marital relationship?


Yes, there is.

Oh, I get it. I bet someone told you about the “it ain’t cheating if you aren’t married” stuff, right?

kim kardashian

I feel that. Meanwhile, Ray J drops a single claiming that he hit Kim Kardashian first. Never mind that she looks like Shamu of Armenia at the present moment.

I digress. I know: that was random as hell. Judge me.

What many of us fail to realize is that cheating is cheating. Just because people aren’t in a marriage doesn’t mean their indiscretions won’t be considered. Of course, being married raises the stakes. However, it is about the ACT and the FEELINGS/SERIOUSNESS attached to the relationship. Thus, if you are in a relationship of some form of mutual monogamous structure, then it can be considered cheating.

Damn, he is hurt.......

Damn, he is hurt…….

I hate to say this, but I would rather the cheating occur when someone ISN’T married. I know, I know: I just said cheating IS cheating. However, once marriage is involved there is a “sharing situation”. Divorces can get UGLY (splitting of investments, breaking off the love, and the disparity it can cause children). In addition, splitting up when you have fewer material/life possessions invested DOES work out better than the marriage situation. All I am saying is this: if you are going to be a big time cheater, it would make sense to do it when you aren’t investing your living space with your partner.

Yet, one must always be aware of WHY many people (men and women) do cheat. For the most part, cheating occurs for the sake of gaining sexual sustenance, attention, emotional gratitude, and just plain love [1]. Usually, there are reasons that could have been worked out between both partners. However, there are a couple of other reasons for cheating: revenge sex (retaliation, retribution/get back) and the feeling of “thrill seeking” [2]. Shortly, if we realize why people cheat we can figure out ways to keep them from cheating in the first place.

Daz - revenge retaliation get back

And to think that “/retaliation/retribution/ get back” would be a big reason for cheating. Sounds like a Daz Dilinger album title to me.

In the end, I’m going to repeat something I have said twice before: cheating is cheating. I would advise against it especially in a marriage. Although cheating comes with fewer attachments when one isn’t married, it does not take away from the feelings of love that did exist. Regardless, people need to be aware of what causes cheating to avoid any situations of causation. Once we understand that cheating is an all-encompassing concept, our relationships will become better (at least slightly).

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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