Charlottesville, Virginia should have changed its name to White-Trashville over the incidents that have occurred. Friday night had a plethora of demonstrators unhappy white boys out in the streets wearing their best Abercrombie and Fitch catalog clothing carrying tiki torches while demanding their pasty lives matter. On top of that, there were white-power protesters getting into fights with anti-hate groups. Noticeably deficient from all of this was the appearance of any black people. And that’s a good thing: why would someone black want to be in the middle of a white trash fire party? Then, the predictably shitty happened: a lone wolf piece of shit man mad about his declining whiteness plowed through anti-racist protesters yesterday. This is what happens with white powder kegs: nothing but mass confusion and fuckery.

You want to know something that is crazy about the guy (James Alex Fields) that ran over all those people? The person killed happened to be a white woman. Her name was Heather Heyer. She was a paralegal. And she ironically lost her life going against ideals that are supposed to protect her whiteness. It must be angering to see a white woman die at the hands of those that want to make America “safe” for her whiteness.

What is even more amazing is that I understand why they are going this far at this moment. You see, Trump coaxed these racist Caucasoids into his pro-racist and facist rhetoric. “Making America Great Again” was just coded language for “take the country back to our racist past”. And it is well known that these groups conferred with Darth Cheeto about “reclaiming their own personal Death Star”. Thus, yesterday was about investors collecting on their investment.

Even David Duke confirmed this.

Charlottesville Has A Solution At Hand

I say all of this to make sure that we understand the best way to deal with these Alt-Right, Whiteness-Over-Everything, Fight-For-White-Rule-While-Carrying-Polynesian-Tiki-Torches Nazis: you punch their punk asses dead in the jaw.

Captain America did it.

Black Panther did it.

The Bouncer and Yemaya did it.

And quite frankly, you should too!

Charlottesville Needs Good Old Fashioned Punch Outs

All of the trying to reason with them is not going to work. You can pray for them if you want. After that prayer, make sure to slap the Neo-Nazi Hades out of their faces with whichever holy book you use for prayer. Common sense missed them. And they aren’t trying to hear any opposing viewpoints. Therefore, why reason with someone that needs to be knocked on their ass?

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!