Why Do Men Cheat

Cheaters and Second Chances: Truth 16

Well, this is an interesting jam by Z.Z. Hill. It talks about…well..infidelity. He references the woman talking softly on the telephone. He also understands that “playing the cheating game only brings hurt and pain”. She made plans with meeting up with the other guy soon anyway. Thus, it seemed that this situation was at […]

More than One Lover: Plain Truth 9

As Mr. Cheeks and the Lost Boys engulf my ears with some throwback goodness about loving more than one woman, I take time to think about monogamy. As a society, we push this ideal about “one woman, one man”. Yet, when one brings up polygamy, polyandry, or polyamory, people quickly give the side eye. […]

Cheating Motivation: Steve Harvey Does It Again (CCL #15)

            Steve Harvey’s book is going to be turned into a movie!            That is right; everyone that gets to read this blog: the man behind the misleading manuscript got dibs on a motion picture. The movie for Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man has even confirmed Chris Brown to star. It will […]