Kendrick Lamar, Humble, and Feminism

Kendrick Lamar is coming hard for the premier of his next album on April 7th, 2017. After dropping The Heart IV (which potentially disses a slew of rappers/the entire industry), he broke out with his video for “Humble”. And the internet went wild for it. The visuals alone make it noteworthy to watch. And […]

White Tears in 2017 – Dear White People Backlash

It has come to my attention that a lot of white people are offended by Netflix’s inclusion of Dear White People. Again, there are a bunch of people late for the “Cry Useless White Tears” show. It would have been more worthwhile if it was the movie version. However, we are talking about the […]

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Steve Harvey and Donald Trump Is All Business

Well, Steve Harvey has found a way to get people (not me this time) upset with him again. Recently, Harvey met up with Trump to talk about concerns within the black community. Mind you, Barack Obama asked him to meet with Trump for whatever reason. Also, we must understand that Steve Harvey has the […]

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Moise Morancy is a Black Superhero

From first glance, it seems as if Moise Morancy was raised right. The humble and engaging hip hop artist/activist/actor is also a man on a mission. His mission? Well, his mission is enlightenment and love. Also, Morancy believes in defending the defenseless and saving those that need saving. In actually, Moise Morancy’s most notable […]

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Clark Toys vs. Kaepernick: The Colin Kaepernick Saga 2

Due to a “rise in popularity”, Colin Kaepernick’s jersey sales have risen. That’s right, folks: America’s favorite protesting son (of recent) has made the 49ers some more money. Many people are either buying them for sentimental value/support or to actually burn in effigy. Either or, the 49ers will take their love/hate all the way […]

Ryan Lochte is a White Privilege Pimp

Ryan Lochte knew what he was doing the moment he came up with that incredulous lie about being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil. However, I’m going to explain this after I build up the context of this main idea.

Ryan Lochte was raised in New York by a Cuban mother and a Dutch/German/English father. Eventually, […]

Look At God: Obama’s Birthday Brings The Greatest of Joys

Obama’s birthday was just supposed to be any regular August 4th. Not so for the year of 2016. You see, with all of the foolishness that has occurred for this year, we all were due for some good news. And I’m not talking “Lebron James finally won a championship for Cleveland” good news. I’m […]

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Why People Protest and Why I Do Not

It has been one hell of a week of demonstration, media, and protest. Death upon death has happened within our country and it seemed as if the 1960’s were on repeat. There were people out involved in physical protest. Additionally, the police was there to keep the situation “under control” (or whatever you want […]

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Ray Lewis Kept it Real and Wrong

Ray Lewis does it again.

Mr. Outspoken-Even-When-Wrong has found a way to find himself within the newspapers and the internet. Just recently, Ray Lewis posted a video that questioned the goals and validity of the Black Lives Matter movement. To his chagrin, he felt that the movement should be focused on “black on black crime”. […]

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Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot

Sometimes, the black lives matter peaceful protest isn’t respected as it should be. As “passive” as it may seem to many of us, being nonviolent about a situation that is vicious should be commended. A lot of us should actually commend the fact that plenty of protesters haven’t gone the “walk around armed and […]

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