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Drug Abuse and Philip Seymour Hoffman

And just like that, it is said that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead. As usual, there have been the different tweets, Facebook posts, and responses to this situation. Me personally, I see it as another person that died earlier than expected. From what is known, PSH was only 46. When a person dies […]

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    Hip Hop and Mental Health Part 2 – Getting Gucci with Kanye

Hip Hop and Mental Health Part 2 – Getting Gucci with Kanye

This year has been an interesting one.
On one hand, I have had the pleasure in making posts about the help that people need with their mental health. On the other hand, I have seen more and more examples of people in need of a talk with a shrink. I didn’t make those posts to […]

Fruitvale Station and the Humanization of Oscar Grant


It was 9:35 p.m. on Saturday, July 20, 2013. We had arrived to the movie theatre early after picking up some snacks for the movie (sorry, but I don’t like overpriced food of any kind). On one of our usual movie dates, the wife and I agreed to see Fruitvale Station. With my basic […]

Mental Health: Celebrity Relapse (CCL 58)

Mindy McCready died recently due to suicide.

McCready’s death is of some social significance. Due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, many will reminisce about the “lost star”. Yet, there are so many that want questions answered and situations changed. One thing to consider is the role of mental health in the scope of our national […]

Drug Addiction and Music – CCL #38

Music has been seen as a gateway to another land. People use it as an escape from all the muck and mire life tends to offer. Also, it adds as “enhancer” and/or “corroborator” to a person’s feelings and emotions. Even beyond the regular take, many have used music to “help save themselves”. Whether we […]

Mistaken Reality – How “Real” is Real? (Chocolate Covered Lies #20)

            People clamor to it on a daily basis. They will hold fireside chats to go over the events that occurred on it. They will even mitigate work productivity for the sake of discussion about it. Water cooler chatter? This will actually control the subject matter of those discussions. Entertainment Tonight is always abreast […]