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    Jordan Sneakers, Artwork by Zimmerman, Materialism, and Other Questions Answered

Jordan Sneakers, Artwork by Zimmerman, Materialism, and Other Questions Answered

I can’t help myself. Diggame keeps asking these intriguing questions. Within myself, I have to give these insightful and intriguing answers. I could be writing about other things. However, why not take a turn on some inquisitions that makes us think about popular culture, intelligence, society, and life as a whole?

I couldn’t pass it […]

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Can Black People EVER Shine?

As a youngster, I was raised to never try to take anyone’s “time in the sunshine”. If credit is due, then let credit be due. If credit isn’t due, then I better make damn sure that I am right about that. Otherwise, as a human being, I should always let people get their proper […]

Fruitvale Station and the Humanization of Oscar Grant


It was 9:35 p.m. on Saturday, July 20, 2013. We had arrived to the movie theatre early after picking up some snacks for the movie (sorry, but I don’t like overpriced food of any kind). On one of our usual movie dates, the wife and I agreed to see Fruitvale Station. With my basic […]

Dear Larry Elder: Shut The Hell Up – CCL 78

Larry Elder, Larry Elder, Larry Elder.

We all know you as the intellectually speaking, rabble rousing Black man that tends to be the “pseudo-mirror” for all African Americans. I respect your approach and I respect your hustle (it IS how you make your money). Also, I understand your take on things. You want Black people […]

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    Why I Do Not Particularly Care About The Paula Deen Situation – CCL 75

Why I Do Not Particularly Care About The Paula Deen Situation – CCL 75

“Ooooooo, Paula Deen used the word nigger!” many people have said as I work my way through Twitter and Facebook so I can increase my time of snappy put downs and unadulterated slander. I was too busy trying to avoid this conversation. Yet, all I kept hearing (and keep hearing) about is Paula Deen […]

If You Are The Girlfriend, Be Treated Like The Girlfriend – Plain Truth 70

As poisonous as Puff Daddy is to music careers (shouts to Maronzio Vance), I must say that this was a jam. I would TRY to dedicate this to a couple of women that was “ride or die” for me. Yet, those situations didn’t pan out. Still, this is a great song to dedicate to […]

Understanding White Privilege – Chocolate Covered Lies 67

Facebook is the place where people express their views in abundance (good, bad, and just plain damn unnecessary). The good thing is that everyone has a right to express themselves. The bad thing is everyone has a right to express themselves (see what I did there). Seemingly, many of us can’t get enough of […]

Humans are Screwed Up by Selfishness – Chocolate Covered Lies Pt. 66

While having a fun time break/dinner with a friend/client (of sorts), we started having a conversation. Seeing that we both have mutual associates, she started sharing some stories about a few of them. All through the conversation, I started learning about some of the people I involve myself with. Some of the revelations were […]

Musical Memoirs: Wale – Bad

Wale is such the musical conundrum that it tends to be annoying.

You see, Wale is what you call “potential gone awry”. Yeah, sure: he is selling way more records now that he is with MMG. He formulated the formula to “some” success. However, this has only led to a dichotomy; Wale has found material […]

Mental Health: Celebrity Relapse (CCL 58)

Mindy McCready died recently due to suicide.

McCready’s death is of some social significance. Due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, many will reminisce about the “lost star”. Yet, there are so many that want questions answered and situations changed. One thing to consider is the role of mental health in the scope of our national […]