Stephen A. Smith Always Tap Dances for White America

There are days when I wish Stephen A. Smith stuck to sports and sports only.

In recent history, he was interviewed by  Dontae’s Boxing Nation. They asked him about being compared to Shannon Sharpe and whether he agreed about Sharpe’s stance on white involvement with black issues. Here is where the situation got interesting:

“…and remember, […]

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Josh Brown and How NY Giants are Trash

Domestic violence is one of those issues that has always bothered me. I never understood the purpose of a man beating on a woman (ever). I really never understood the sanity behind a woman abusing a man. Still, it happens on a daily basis. As the days go by, there is a woman/man that […]

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Clark Toys vs. Kaepernick: The Colin Kaepernick Saga 2

Due to a “rise in popularity”, Colin Kaepernick’s jersey sales have risen. That’s right, folks: America’s favorite protesting son (of recent) has made the 49ers some more money. Many people are either buying them for sentimental value/support or to actually burn in effigy. Either or, the 49ers will take their love/hate all the way […]

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    The Colin Kaepernick Saga 1: Cam Newton Cowardly Taps Around Issues like Gregory Hines

The Colin Kaepernick Saga 1: Cam Newton Cowardly Taps Around Issues like Gregory Hines

What a week it has been for the man we call Colin Kaepernick. Right after it was discovered that he doesn’t stand for the National Anthem due to police brutality issues, there have been opinions left and right. Some people love it while others hate it. You have people distancing themselves while Kaepernick’s jersey […]

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Colin Kaepernick is Not Your Tap Dancing Coon

Usually, Colin Kaepernick becomes the chagrin for things that he doesn’t do. A lot of people don’t care for him because he has a knack of lacking fundamental quarterback skills. Or, there is some type of concern for his decision making. And there has yet to be a great return of investment in him […]

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Ryan Lochte is a White Privilege Pimp

Ryan Lochte knew what he was doing the moment he came up with that incredulous lie about being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil. However, I’m going to explain this after I build up the context of this main idea.

Ryan Lochte was raised in New York by a Cuban mother and a Dutch/German/English father. Eventually, […]

NBA Free Agency: The Reality TV Circus

As a young man growing up on basketball, I loved every minute of the sport. From witnessing Chicago win 6 championships with Michael Jordan to the hardcore dominance of Detroit’s Bad Boy’s, I realize that I witnessed an era of greatness. Even with the Lakers dominating the majority of the 2000’s, there is something […]

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Donald Sterling and Racism in Sports

It has come to be known that Donald Sterling is our new recent racist. Yes, you are reading this correctly. If you have no clue as to who he is, then let me clarify: Donald Sterling is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. He is the man that has owned the former punchline […]

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Shaka Smart is the Coach I Would Want To Be

Shaka Smart is the coach I would want to be.
To prove this opinion to be at least “reasonable”, I am going to drop some science behind the man and his mentality. No, I do not know him personally. I am not sure that I will ever have a casual conversation with him. However, I […]

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NCAA Athletes Should Get Paid

This is the time for March Madness. And we all know how crazy March Madness can be. The busted brackets, the clutch performances, the bone-headed plays, and the upsets make this an intense time in college basketball. With those situations came the highs, lows, and overall memories of both greatness and futility. It is […]

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