Understanding White Privilege – Chocolate Covered Lies 67

Facebook is the place where people express their views in abundance (good, bad, and just plain damn unnecessary). The good thing is that everyone has a right to express themselves. The bad thing is everyone has a right to express themselves (see what I did there). Seemingly, many of us can’t get enough of […]

Your New Year’s Resolutions May Never Happen: CCL 52

The new year always bring about the possibility of change. Many people take on the changing of the calendar as a change of who they are. They may have a spark of interest in new things. They may realize something isn’t working for them. Heck, they may even notice that they need to kill […]

After Going Hmmm: My response to Diggame – Plain Truth 32

Some will wonder why I’m answering someone else’s questions. Well, Boss Man Diggame (Of Ashy 2 Classy) came up with these questions to make us think. Personally, I always wanted to answer rhetorical inquiries. Plus, I can entertain you all. So, in my eyes, this situation was a win win.

Peep my answers and be […]

Poor Grammar People – Plain Truth 31

I don’t know about you, but I always took pride in my spelling. There is always something about incorrect spelling to me. For the most part, it makes you look illiterate. Also, it makes it seem as if you don’t read or write enough. For me, not being able to spell has been something […]

From Ducks to Swans – Plain Truth 27

I remember this little ditty from a few years back. Many didn’t care for Mike Jones due to his limited subject matter and even more limited flow. However, he would always spit that “281-330-8004” just to get people calling him. Plus, this song right here spoke a lot of truth. In short, people don’t […]

The Stereotypes Pt. 2 – CCL 43

And I’m back! Time to celebrate, no?

Oh. Time for business, then.

Earlier, I covered the sexual stereotype dealing with black men and oral reciprocation. While we trail Whites and Latinos, we actually do it (mostly). However, there are those may that disagree. Due to personal experiences, I can’t really counter it. Still, it can be […]

Just A Friend – Plain Truth 26…. Or whatever number

Oh, man. I remember this song so vividly. I had to be either in the fifth or sixth grade. It was this song and “It’s Spring Again”. These songs proved that Biz Markie was a great entertainer.

Plus, this song spits some real gems about the inevitable “friend zone”. Also, it gets into the mistaken […]

Man-Woman Dynamic: Matriarchy or Patriarchy (CCL #41)

I made it to another posting. Now, I can do another dance!

Now that is over with, I can get serious for a moment.

There has been much ballyhoo and discussion over the plight of the Black community. There is much concern with the makeup (and break up) of the connection between Black men and women. […]

Dating Seriously or Seriously Dating? – Plain Truth 24

Now THIS is a throwback jam for those that understand the immense joy of listening to Tevin Campbell (back in the day). Whether people questioned his sexuality (beyond me), that boy could sing. Plus, this song was the jam. Still is the jam, actually. With all the insecurities and full-frontal bravery being expressed, we […]

Unrealistic Expectations – CCL 40

It’s a celebration! I made it to my 40th blog entry!

Okay, now that the celebration is over, I have to make reference to something I find highly bothersome. This is something that should not happen but it does. This situation will always occur because of different cultural teachings, values, and informed beliefs. The situation […]