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People are a Blessing or a Lesson – PT 104

This post was brought to you by AB’s new 45 Series Vol. 1 single “Stop Fakin’/Stevie’s Lament”. Please enjoy the music while you read.

When it comes to the dating scene, and life in general, a person will be either two things: a blessing or a lesson. You will either have someone that will always […]

Karrine Steffans Does Not Know Her History

In my eyes, there is nothing worse than not understanding the situations involved in your own personal history. I’m not talking about strange trivia specifics like the birthdate of Sir Menelik or the Malcolm X’s favorite meal. I’m referring to general facts that are there to help you understand how things came to be. […]

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    Maybe You Need To Have Sex and Move On With Your Life – Plain Truth 95

Maybe You Need To Have Sex and Move On With Your Life – Plain Truth 95

So, my homeboy was in a Facebook group explaining his issues with dating (and what not).It isn’t that fact that he isn’t handsome because he could probably pull 89% of the women out there (married, single, and even lesbian). Rather, it dealt with the fact that he lacks affinity for “he say, she say”. […]

What is Love – I Just Want Opinions

Travelling through this thing called “life”, I notice that many of us have differing opinions on certain things. Many people may think that Michael Jordan is the best player, while others harken back to the days of Bill Russell. Also, some may think that the Beatles are the best rock band ever. Then again, […]

Women and Gender Expectations – CCL 79

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an Igbo author that has written a few books in her time. A few months back, she did a TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) talk recently. Her topic dealt with the idea of us all becoming “feminists”. Whether or not I agree with (or find it necessary) “everyone becoming a […]

MTV Video Music Awards – Fun, Flash, and Fuckery

I don’t know why I do this to myself. Wait, I lied: I do it for you all. I do it for the “fans” that I imagine I have. I also do it for the sake of doing it. This pays no money. Most people don’t pay me any mind. But for those that […]

Don’t Take His Love for Porn Personal – Plain Truth 85

Warning: what I am going to talk about isn’t for the prude or highly religious. It is, however, for the sexually secure, the carnal, and those that want to understand their own sexuality. This is your warning.

Porn Star was a pretty good song coming from a pretty good album. T.I. wanted to bring the […]

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    Life, Liberty, and Death: 25 Answers Running Through My Fingers

Life, Liberty, and Death: 25 Answers Running Through My Fingers

As usual, I take some of Diggame’s questions and answer them. Nothing more. Nothing less. He brings up great rhetorical questions. I just think that they shouldn’t be so rhetorical. And that is where the fun starts!!!
1.)    Will America have a real discussion about racism or just talk around it?

At what point in our […]

When Your Ex Just Won’t Let Go – Plain Truth 81

People know NOTHING about this track right here. This is that love song for all the underground hip hop heads out there. Truth Enola did his thing on this. But Jean Grae brought it home on her verse. I mean, what is better than love that was nourishing and now that has to end? […]

When Cheating Goes Technological – Plain Truth 80

Judge me if you want to, but this song does the job for me. The production is on that computerized madness. The topic: technology and the female. The bigger issue: there was a concern with how technology disrupts the connection between people. Or, you can consider how people are mindwarped by technology’s uses. Whatever […]

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