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    The Problem with Young Men is Positive Male Influence – Plain Truth 101

The Problem with Young Men is Positive Male Influence – Plain Truth 101

The colleague-in-writing-crime Breazy Taylor recently dropped his post called “Are You Man Enough”. It deals with the emasculation of the male in the present American society. Impressively enough, it didn’t take on any racial slants. Rather, it was an all-inclusive look into how “men aren’t even being men anymore”. In his eyes, too many […]

Your Relationship is Unhealthy For You – Plain Truth 79

Oh, now this was one of those songs that went under the radar. Rza, better known as Bobby Digital, deals with relationship issues and domestic violence. As awful as the situations are, the lyrics reflect the anger, misguided passion, and madness that is associated with it. Even the video is graphically compelling. With Domestic […]

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    Why I Do Not Particularly Care About The Paula Deen Situation – CCL 75

Why I Do Not Particularly Care About The Paula Deen Situation – CCL 75

“Ooooooo, Paula Deen used the word nigger!” many people have said as I work my way through Twitter and Facebook so I can increase my time of snappy put downs and unadulterated slander. I was too busy trying to avoid this conversation. Yet, all I kept hearing (and keep hearing) about is Paula Deen […]

Please Want Better For Yourself – Plain Truth 71

All feminine activities and foolishness aside, Marvin’s Room by Drake does explain how some people feel when they lose the ones they love. I don’t approve of the haterism and jealousy. However, I do admire the will to admit the feelings that do still exist. Drake actually gets honest with himself by explaining “she […]

You Love Her, But Do You Respect Her? – Plain Truth 58

I swear that Case may need a minor version of Unsung (or major). This song was the j-a-m. Case sings his poor heart out about missing a lost love. It gets to the point where his pain and loneliness is synonymous with an overextending desert (see the video). “Missing You” is that song for […]

Rumors: Talk What You Know, Know What You Talk – Plain Truth 56

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.

It seems as if people want to talk about OTHER PEOPLE more than they want to be about their own business. I have noticed too many instances of women and men being highly intrusive and messy. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it is unhappiness with relationships. Maybe it […]

To Abstain or Not to Abstain: Just Go Get Laid (CCL 60)

I always noted that people in bad moods should “get laid”. Usually, I said it out of pure jest. However, it wasn’t all for shits and giggles. Some people just needed to let go of their cares and worries. So, a suggestion of sexual satisfaction would always be the ace in the back pocket.

No, […]

Give Your Relationship A Chance: Plain Truth 51

This was the premier single off of John Legend’s second album, Once Again. Oh, and yes this is my favorite John Legend album (yeah, I said it). Hell, John had women “saving room for his love” by the multitudes. Love, sexuality, and amorous feelings can be funny like that. You can’t help who you […]

Finding Closure Part 2: The Reality of it All – Plain Truth 44

I don’t care what anyone says: Game dropped a heatrock with The Documentary. This is one of those songs that really took me within my mind. I mean, many of us had dreams. Plus, the Kanye West track is both menacing and serene. Thus, this song is just one of those musical treats for […]

Your New Year’s Resolutions May Never Happen: CCL 52

The new year always bring about the possibility of change. Many people take on the changing of the calendar as a change of who they are. They may have a spark of interest in new things. They may realize something isn’t working for them. Heck, they may even notice that they need to kill […]