Sex Over Relationships – Plain Truth 25

Now THIS was just an interesting song altogether. Maybe it was my age when it was popular (teenage years). Then again, I think it was the fact that they were talking about “risqué” topics. Sex was slightly taboo during the 90’s. There was overt sexuality out there. However, talking about it makes a bigger […]

Do We Really Ever Grow Up? – Plain Truth 19

I know we all remember this jam from Outkast. This was the song that symbolized the grace of getting older. We all know that the “fat ass” turns to “flab” eventually, right? Then again, many of us are holding onto their youth like never before. That Toys ‘R Us moniker is becoming truer than […]

Cheaters and Second Chances: Truth 16

Well, this is an interesting jam by Z.Z. Hill. It talks about…well..infidelity. He references the woman talking softly on the telephone. He also understands that “playing the cheating game only brings hurt and pain”. She made plans with meeting up with the other guy soon anyway. Thus, it seemed that this situation was at […]

Know Your Place, Sir: How Ochocinco Messed Up (CCL 34)

Ochocinco always had a flair for the dramatic. From the gold teeth, to the blonde Mohawk a few years back, to even the endzone celebrations and the hilarious name change, he has always made a spectacle of himself. In recent history, he has been more reserved. It may have been maturity. It may have […]

You Found What You Looked For: Plain Truth 12

Baby, what love got to do with this? I have no clue. But I must admit that this is a classic Slum Village track. That Minnie Ripperton sample? Those drums. The mood of it all. This was, and still is, a beautiful song.

What does this song have to do with this next question? Nothing […]

More than One Lover: Plain Truth 9

As Mr. Cheeks and the Lost Boys engulf my ears with some throwback goodness about loving more than one woman, I take time to think about monogamy. As a society, we push this ideal about “one woman, one man”. Yet, when one brings up polygamy, polyandry, or polyamory, people quickly give the side eye. […]

Good Ole Days: What Once Was Will Never Be (CCL #26)

If you live in America (especially within the African American community), you have noticed the influx of commentary about “divorce rates”, “single women epidemic”, and “men not being worth the effort”. I know that it seems to be cliché at this very moment. However, there are some serious concerns for the viability of relationships […]

Social Media Mishaps: How Networking Sites Have Screwed Up Relationships Even More (CCL: 23)

In my previous blog, I explained how networking sites has taken a chilling effect on how people relate to each other. However, I took a more “introverted” approach. I focused on the attitudes and actions people take on personally, per se. What I directly chose to neglect was the effect these sites have on […]

Cheating Motivation: Steve Harvey Does It Again (CCL #15)

            Steve Harvey’s book is going to be turned into a movie!            That is right; everyone that gets to read this blog: the man behind the misleading manuscript got dibs on a motion picture. The movie for Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man has even confirmed Chris Brown to star. It will […]

Cheating Men: Adam and Steve (CCL #4)

Note: This was created in May of 2008. However, since this is a newly edited blog, I want to post all of my past work. Enjoy!

The world is built around secrecy. Secrets are the unknown information that can either make or break any situation. As a kid, you kept secrets out of shame, surprise, […]

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