If You Are The Girlfriend, Be Treated Like The Girlfriend – Plain Truth 70

As poisonous as Puff Daddy is to music careers (shouts to Maronzio Vance), I must say that this was a jam. I would TRY to dedicate this to a couple of women that was “ride or die” for me. Yet, those situations didn’t pan out. Still, this is a great song to dedicate to […]

People Cheat All The Time – Plain Truth 68

Common brought out the realness with this song. This song pretty much found him pondering religion, sexuality, and the true meaning of “staying true” to a relationship. He isn’t without his own faults. However, he did work to make the most of a situation. In summation, he realized that he wanted to be a […]

Karma Ain’t Always a Bitch – Plain Truth 65

This is a pure classic coming from a crew that is both highly heralded yet not fully recognized. Listen to Cee-Lo show how his lyrical ability pushed him into the forefront. Listen to the rest of Outkast make sense of their present lives (in the 90’s, no doubt). Notice the realities that they speak […]

Cheating is Cheating – Plain Truth 61

I had to bring this one back. ZZ Hill is doing his thing with the explanation of this situation. Not many can explain how cheating occurs like ZZ. So much care and emotion went into the making of this song. It almost seems as if this song represents a stage in his life.

The only […]

Education and the Fatality of High Stakes Testing – Chocolate Covered Lies 62

In recent history, 35 constituents were asked to turn themselves into the authorities for what has been known to be a widespread plague of cheating on standardized tests. This all has occurred in Atlanta, Georgia under the Atlanta Public School system (APS). There were charges that at least 178 teachers actually cheated causing unusually […]

Musical Memoirs: Wale – Bad

Wale is such the musical conundrum that it tends to be annoying.

You see, Wale is what you call “potential gone awry”. Yeah, sure: he is selling way more records now that he is with MMG. He formulated the formula to “some” success. However, this has only led to a dichotomy; Wale has found material […]

Manti Te’o and the Catfish Scam – Plain Truth 46

Now this song is another one of those classics that cannot be denied. It is so classic that there is a hand-clap-gesture that people do with this song. Plenty of rappers have sampled its instrumentals. Plus, it precedes the inclusion of social media and the internet into society. Thus, it is safe to say […]

Closure: Find it For Yourself – Plain Truth 43

Before Tamar was telling silly people to “get yo life”, Toni Braxton released this song for the sake of chin checking all the unworthy ones. From Toni’s perspective, he wasn’t man enough. Toni had her time with him. She is WAY past that situation. Therefore, the other woman was wasting her time asking about […]

After Going Hmmm: My response to Diggame – Plain Truth 32

Some will wonder why I’m answering someone else’s questions. Well, Boss Man Diggame (Of Ashy 2 Classy) came up with these questions to make us think. Personally, I always wanted to answer rhetorical inquiries. Plus, I can entertain you all. So, in my eyes, this situation was a win win.

Peep my answers and be […]

Powerful Men and Cheating: Response to Belkin and LaMott (CCL – 45)

Cheating is that inescapable occurrence in the relationship world. More than anything, it is a sign that there is a problem. For some, it may mean that the partner (male or female) are having some pure fidelity issues. In some cases, however, it is a telltale sign that the relationship has bigger complications to […]