The “Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union Fiasco

Well, this is awkward.

To think, right after I seen the Dwyane Wade’s Christmas card with him, Gabrielle Union, and the kids do we come to hear that he supposedly has an outside child on the way. We ALL know that the fecal matter exploded while the fan was going. There was nothing but mess […]

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What is Love – I Just Want Opinions

Travelling through this thing called “life”, I notice that many of us have differing opinions on certain things. Many people may think that Michael Jordan is the best player, while others harken back to the days of Bill Russell. Also, some may think that the Beatles are the best rock band ever. Then again, […]

The Curse of the Kardashian Coochie – CCL 80

Side note: this posting is made for satire. It is serious in a highly vulgar and comical manner. However, if you are sensitive then don’t read this. Show it to someone that would either agree or disagree. I appreciate either one. Thank you in advance.Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian stays in headlines. […]

Don’t Take His Love for Porn Personal – Plain Truth 85

Warning: what I am going to talk about isn’t for the prude or highly religious. It is, however, for the sexually secure, the carnal, and those that want to understand their own sexuality. This is your warning.

Porn Star was a pretty good song coming from a pretty good album. T.I. wanted to bring the […]

When Your Ex Just Won’t Let Go – Plain Truth 81

People know NOTHING about this track right here. This is that love song for all the underground hip hop heads out there. Truth Enola did his thing on this. But Jean Grae brought it home on her verse. I mean, what is better than love that was nourishing and now that has to end? […]

When Cheating Goes Technological – Plain Truth 80

Judge me if you want to, but this song does the job for me. The production is on that computerized madness. The topic: technology and the female. The bigger issue: there was a concern with how technology disrupts the connection between people. Or, you can consider how people are mindwarped by technology’s uses. Whatever […]

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Your Relationship is Unhealthy For You – Plain Truth 79

Oh, now this was one of those songs that went under the radar. Rza, better known as Bobby Digital, deals with relationship issues and domestic violence. As awful as the situations are, the lyrics reflect the anger, misguided passion, and madness that is associated with it. Even the video is graphically compelling. With Domestic […]

Oral Sex is Performed by Men: Three Reasons

Now, whether or not you agree with the subject matter of this song is up to you. Yet, one must agree that this song rung alarms on the radio in the late 90’s. The clubs fell in love with it due to its addictive chorus and highly potent sexual content. Although it covered risqué […]

Earning Back Someone’s Trust – Plain Truth 75

Intriguing enough, Drake released this version of Trust Issues to feature The Weeknd. Since this would be a remix, it would only be fitting. We all know that remixes feature a different take and/or perspective. From there, people can take the situation to new heights and directions. Thus, I think this version is just […]

Please Want Better For Yourself – Plain Truth 71

All feminine activities and foolishness aside, Marvin’s Room by Drake does explain how some people feel when they lose the ones they love. I don’t approve of the haterism and jealousy. However, I do admire the will to admit the feelings that do still exist. Drake actually gets honest with himself by explaining “she […]