The Curse of the Kardashian Coochie – CCL 80

Side note: this posting is made for satire. It is serious in a highly vulgar and comical manner. However, if you are sensitive then don’t read this. Show it to someone that would either agree or disagree. I appreciate either one. Thank you in advance.Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian stays in headlines. […]

When Cheating Goes Technological – Plain Truth 80

Judge me if you want to, but this song does the job for me. The production is on that computerized madness. The topic: technology and the female. The bigger issue: there was a concern with how technology disrupts the connection between people. Or, you can consider how people are mindwarped by technology’s uses. Whatever […]

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Cheating is Cheating – Plain Truth 61

I had to bring this one back. ZZ Hill is doing his thing with the explanation of this situation. Not many can explain how cheating occurs like ZZ. So much care and emotion went into the making of this song. It almost seems as if this song represents a stage in his life.

The only […]

Closure: Find it For Yourself – Plain Truth 43

Before Tamar was telling silly people to “get yo life”, Toni Braxton released this song for the sake of chin checking all the unworthy ones. From Toni’s perspective, he wasn’t man enough. Toni had her time with him. She is WAY past that situation. Therefore, the other woman was wasting her time asking about […]

After Going Hmmm: My response to Diggame – Plain Truth 32

Some will wonder why I’m answering someone else’s questions. Well, Boss Man Diggame (Of Ashy 2 Classy) came up with these questions to make us think. Personally, I always wanted to answer rhetorical inquiries. Plus, I can entertain you all. So, in my eyes, this situation was a win win.

Peep my answers and be […]

Sex Over Relationships – Plain Truth 25

Now THIS was just an interesting song altogether. Maybe it was my age when it was popular (teenage years). Then again, I think it was the fact that they were talking about “risqué” topics. Sex was slightly taboo during the 90’s. There was overt sexuality out there. However, talking about it makes a bigger […]

Unrealistic Expectations – CCL 40

It’s a celebration! I made it to my 40th blog entry!

Okay, now that the celebration is over, I have to make reference to something I find highly bothersome. This is something that should not happen but it does. This situation will always occur because of different cultural teachings, values, and informed beliefs. The situation […]

Cheaters and Second Chances: Truth 16

Well, this is an interesting jam by Z.Z. Hill. It talks about…well..infidelity. He references the woman talking softly on the telephone. He also understands that “playing the cheating game only brings hurt and pain”. She made plans with meeting up with the other guy soon anyway. Thus, it seemed that this situation was at […]

Polyamory: More Than One Love (or You Can’t Box In Love): Plain Truth 15

This is, by far, one of my favorite J-Dilla solo jams (next to “Like This”). If there is anybody not understanding the subject matter, I will explain. It gets into the idea of having more than one significant other. I must admit that Dilla does get really raw with it on this track. Most […]

More than One Lover: Plain Truth 9

As Mr. Cheeks and the Lost Boys engulf my ears with some throwback goodness about loving more than one woman, I take time to think about monogamy. As a society, we push this ideal about “one woman, one man”. Yet, when one brings up polygamy, polyandry, or polyamory, people quickly give the side eye. […]