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Stephen A. Smith Always Tap Dances for White America

There are days when I wish Stephen A. Smith stuck to sports and sports only.

In recent history, he was interviewed by  Dontae’s Boxing Nation. They asked him about being compared to Shannon Sharpe and whether he agreed about Sharpe’s stance on white involvement with black issues. Here is where the situation got interesting:

“…and remember, […]

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When Did Skin Bleaching Become Attractive?

I despise Sammy Sosa. Now that I made that statement, please let me explain.
I don’t despise him for the exact person that he is. I despise him for the thing that he represents. Before all of this, I actually respect him as a man. He did what it took to become successful. Accusations of […]

Martin Luther King’s Image is Abused For Fliers

Martin Luther King, Jr. has always been revered for the work that he has done and the influence he has left on others. Having a holiday in memoriam is just the tip of the iceberg. His name is synonymous with world peace and progress. While he fought hard for civil rights, his ultimate goal […]

Karrine Steffans Does Not Know Her History

In my eyes, there is nothing worse than not understanding the situations involved in your own personal history. I’m not talking about strange trivia specifics like the birthdate of Sir Menelik or the Malcolm X’s favorite meal. I’m referring to general facts that are there to help you understand how things came to be. […]

Some Black and White People are Stupid Towards Racism

Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race [1].


Nowadays, people always want to claim that we live in a post racial society.  Yes, that is right my intellectuals: race matters not. The only problem with this is that the thought of a […]

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    The Epidemic of Black Bitterness and Self Hatred – Plain Truth 102

The Epidemic of Black Bitterness and Self Hatred – Plain Truth 102

Throughout my few years of blogging, I have always been amazed at some of the responses that I receive. Some of them are overwhelmingly positive. Others? Not so much. However, I am still thankful for the fact that I can sometimes illicit a response.

Yet, it is one of those responses to my blog that […]

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    The Problem with Young Men is Positive Male Influence – Plain Truth 101

The Problem with Young Men is Positive Male Influence – Plain Truth 101

The colleague-in-writing-crime Breazy Taylor recently dropped his post called “Are You Man Enough”. It deals with the emasculation of the male in the present American society. Impressively enough, it didn’t take on any racial slants. Rather, it was an all-inclusive look into how “men aren’t even being men anymore”. In his eyes, too many […]

Can Black People EVER Shine?

As a youngster, I was raised to never try to take anyone’s “time in the sunshine”. If credit is due, then let credit be due. If credit isn’t due, then I better make damn sure that I am right about that. Otherwise, as a human being, I should always let people get their proper […]

12 Years A Slave and What It Says for Black America Today


This is the word that came to my mind while I was watching the movie: intensity. I couldn’t even concentrate on the fullness of my stomach from the Applebees I ate prior. Nor could I even care about the fact that there were barely any people in the theater. All I could honestly get […]

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    The Problem With Wearing Blackface Fully Explained – CCL 86

The Problem With Wearing Blackface Fully Explained – CCL 86

In recent history, Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars fame became caught up in a sort of “scandal of her own” sans any Olivia Pope’s or Huck’s to save her. She recently ventured to a Hollywood Halloween Party dressed up as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black (one of my favorite […]