Only God Can Judge You? I Disagree: CCL 57

I love 2Pac, but some of his ways and actions have become the bane of my existence. It has nothing to do with him. But, people popularized his life way too much to the point of imitation. Many say imitation is flattery; I say it can turn to social flatulence. When people start naming […]

What Does It Mean to “Be Black” – Chocolate Covered Lies 49

“People think they dis my person/ By stating I’m darkly pack/ I know this/ so I point at Q-Tip and he states, ‘Black is black.’”

Pos Dnous, De La Soul – Me, Myself, and I

Being a black man has been, for the most part, some seriously entertaining foolishness. On one hand, you are to think […]

Buy A Bottle or Strike The Lotto – CCL 48


In recent history, the Powerball Jackpot reached an astounding $550 million dollars in recent history (laymen’s terms: like last week). If I didn’t know at least 50 people staking their claim to supporting the “great escape”, then I would be lying. Just think: one purchase could be the key to financial security. Just a […]

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West – Staying In Your Own Lane – CCL 47

The other day, I had an interesting conversation about “staying in one’s own lane”. One of my co-workers came into my classroom and saw the student work that I had up. He gave me a compliment on my ingenuity. I retorted “Yeah, but let some others tell it and they would say I don’t […]