Jemele Hill Once Again Proved Trump Aint Shit

I would be surprised at the backlash against Jemele Hill if it wasn’t 2017. And 2017 has been apparent in its mind-numbing dismissiveness and bullshit. Instead of a nation that has come together, we have reveled in our separation. You have plenty of races tired of white people making excuses for their obvious privileged […]

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Get Off Barack Obama’s Back

Barack Obama owes the United States nothing at this point. Yet, people want to collect from him.

To be clear, Obama has dealt with a lot of disrespect and admonishment during his 8 years as President of the United States. If he wasn’t called “weak”, then there was question about his nationality. If the nationality […]

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Maxine Waters and the Marginalization of Black Women

In recent history, Maxine Waters delivered a speech on the House floor. In this speech, she took time to justify her criticism for Donald Trump. She noted:

When we fight against this president and we point out how dangerous he is for this society and for this country, we’re fighting for the democracy. We’re fighting […]

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Steve Harvey and Donald Trump Is All Business

Well, Steve Harvey has found a way to get people (not me this time) upset with him again. Recently, Harvey met up with Trump to talk about concerns within the black community. Mind you, Barack Obama asked him to meet with Trump for whatever reason. Also, we must understand that Steve Harvey has the […]

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Fidel Castro the Misunderstood Understood

Fidel Castro has left this mortal plane at the age of 90. Many of us either rejoiced his death or shook our heads at the passing of a steadfast man of principle. To many (stateside), he was viewed as a tyrant. To many that are anti-imperialism, he was an inspiration. The problem is that […]

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Donald Trump, Misogyny, and Growing Up

Donald Trump’s words have echoed through my brain for the past few days.

“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Right after that, I had to make sure that I heard everything correctly. I knew damn well that this high ranking millionaire wasn’t out here making lewd comments like this. I was hoping that […]

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Michelle Obama: Winner of Both Conventions

After the racially charged, circus like atmosphere that was the RNC (Republican National Convention), it would seem that the DNC (Democratic National Convention) would have its hands full. There was a lot of negative connotations that would easily make the DNC the preferred convention for media coverage. However, the sensationalism of the RNC would […]

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Michelle Obama: The Most Disrespected First Lady Ever

Note: Michelle Obama is in no way an endorser of my words. Also, this is a piece of nonfiction that deals with my opinion on a topic. If you disagree, then you must bring proof. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

Michelle Obama, in my eyes, has been one of the best first ladies that the […]

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Oklahoma Wants Brainwashing via AP U.S. History

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again. – Maya Angelou

History is something that I honestly thirst for. Due to my love of learning, understanding how history actually happens is a desire of mine. To be honest, I don’t want to learn only the […]

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Hobby Lobby and the Floodgate of Foolishness

Hobby Lobby recently won their court hearing dealing with birth control. The case, which is called Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, is “a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court allowing closely held for-profit corporations to be exempt from a law they religiously object to if there is a less restrictive means of furthering […]

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