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    Take the Time to Realize You Love Someone – Plain Truth 98

Take the Time to Realize You Love Someone – Plain Truth 98


Sometimes, there are situations where your significant other seems to be “trippin’ out”. Maybe they aren’t acknowledging the obvious. Or, maybe you aren’t realizing the truth of the situation. No matter the situation, this Prince Markie Dee song makes sense. In retrospect, people have to figure out what their present situation holds.   […]

What is Love – I Just Want Opinions

Travelling through this thing called “life”, I notice that many of us have differing opinions on certain things. Many people may think that Michael Jordan is the best player, while others harken back to the days of Bill Russell. Also, some may think that the Beatles are the best rock band ever. Then again, […]

Tommy Sotomayor Sounds Bitter!!!

As I peruse around Facebook (half sleep from a long work week), I am introduced to a video by Tommy Sotomayor. Tommy is an Atlanta radio host known for his controversial views. So much, that Sotomayor is known as “Mr. Controversy”. Best believe that this is a man that makes enemies for his views. […]

When Your Ex Just Won’t Let Go – Plain Truth 81

People know NOTHING about this track right here. This is that love song for all the underground hip hop heads out there. Truth Enola did his thing on this. But Jean Grae brought it home on her verse. I mean, what is better than love that was nourishing and now that has to end? […]

Earning Back Someone’s Trust – Plain Truth 75

Intriguing enough, Drake released this version of Trust Issues to feature The Weeknd. Since this would be a remix, it would only be fitting. We all know that remixes feature a different take and/or perspective. From there, people can take the situation to new heights and directions. Thus, I think this version is just […]

Please Want Better For Yourself – Plain Truth 71

All feminine activities and foolishness aside, Marvin’s Room by Drake does explain how some people feel when they lose the ones they love. I don’t approve of the haterism and jealousy. However, I do admire the will to admit the feelings that do still exist. Drake actually gets honest with himself by explaining “she […]

How to Act Around the Opposite Sex – Plain Truth 62

Well, people don’t know about this jam. Actually, some do but plenty don’t. Talib Kweli brought this Dilla produced jam to the forefront with lyrics that were simply soothing. Oh, and the singing of Bilal never hurts. Thus, if you are someone that wants to talk to someone just use this song.

Then again, many […]

Changing the Tone of the Relationship – Plain Truth 60

You know, I found this song to be of high interest. It had nothing to do with the video or how beautiful Janet Jackson was (that was a given). It really had to do with the subject matter. It showed restraint in the eye of lust. It showed will-power within the depths of a […]

Only God Can Judge You? I Disagree: CCL 57

I love 2Pac, but some of his ways and actions have become the bane of my existence. It has nothing to do with him. But, people popularized his life way too much to the point of imitation. Many say imitation is flattery; I say it can turn to social flatulence. When people start naming […]

Friendship Over Everything – Plain Truth 52

How about that? This was one of those underground jams that only those “within the know” truly appreciated. Personally, it was probably one of the best rap songs about friendship. It spoke on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thus, the term “friends” isn’t something to take lightly.

But when one is a great […]