Spring Valley High is the Microcosm of America

Ever since I have been taking my hiatus from this blogging, I have noticed plenty of uptick on the internets dealing with Spring Valley High School. By this time, we have all heard the circus of opinions either for, or against, the student’s behavior. We all have seen the officer and how he was […]

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Sandra Bland and Black Female Demonization

Sandra Bland was 28 when she died. But, she wasn’t living the life of your average 28 year old. A Chicago native, she was to work in student outreach at Prairie View (her alma mater). A member of Sigma Gamma Rho, she was an avid force behind activism and believing in God’s blessings (see […]

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Rape Culture in July of 2015

Rape culture, the epidemic that never wavers, has felt a surge this week. Not that rape culture ever takes a break. In fact, it actually “works” harder than the multiple occupation holding Jamaicans parodied on In Living Color. However, the cases that presented themselves waver between the obvious, the surprising, and the scarily unknown. […]

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Why Gary Community School Corporation Should Be Sued

Teaching is something of utmost importance to me. Well, of course, I say this because I am a teacher. But also, this is a career in which many lives are affected. Now, those effects can be either positive or negative. However, a teacher should work hard for the positive and mitigate the negative. In […]

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Black Women are Our Heroes so Treat Them That Way

Being a middle school teacher, I have a tendency to tease my male students. A lot of times, there may be some discrepancy that I need for them to “get together”. At many points, it would be one of my female students that was there to get them together. After the fact, I will […]

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I Ignore Don Lemon For a Good Reason

Don Lemon has been making his rounds as of late. Due to the heightened racial climate of the past couple of weeks (couple of months, years, forever), there has been plenty of debate. From massacres to historical understandings of the Confederate flag, the amount of information and media going around has been dizzying. Yet […]

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Charleston Shootings, Racism, and America

So much madness occurs in relation to people at churches. One would think that a place as sacred as the church wouldn’t attract such hatred and civil disrespect. Such intolerance has occurred, however, when protesters camped out in front of a mosque in Arizona. And I thought things could not become any more racially […]

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Dr. Umar Johnson and The Power of the Punani

I am noticing more and more mentioned indiscretions with men and their “insignificant others”. If these men aren’t caught up with their side pieces, then they are having too many baby mommas. I promise you that Magic Johnson didn’t get caught up for all of these young men to keep repeating “playa mistakes”. Yet, […]

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Brandon Brooks, McKinney, and White Privilege

I don’t want to sound like a curmudgeon, but it seems as if police brutality is becoming the du jour of our times. Maybe it is “happening more” or we are just paying attention to it at a higher scale. Or, it could be a distraction for all the other important situations. Still, something […]

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Josh Duggar and the Age of Ignorance

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Josh Duggar has been all over the airwaves due to his newly found indiscretions. Over the past week, it has been found that Duggar molested underage females while he was still a teen. This didn’t go over well with many people. In contrast to the harsh response, there are those in […]

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