Louisiana and its Prison System Gets an Open Letter

Dear Louisiana,

How can I even begin?

I want to thank you for all of the substance you have added to the American lexicon. Your land and cultural influence gave birth to jazz, swamp pop, and zydeco. Your eating delicacies range from gumbo, jambalaya, to even Popeye’s chicken. The Essence Festival, The Vodoo Experience, and the […]

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Hate Crimes and Selective Outrage

The existence of hate crimes, in any form, should bring people together. At no point should it be acceptable to harm another human being over their race, nationality, sexuality, or anything else. If they are harmed, then there should be backlash and outcry. And this isn’t a simple expectation. This is something that should […]

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Umar Johnson is Who We Thought He Was

Umar Johnson, known by many as Baba Ifatunde, Dr. Umar Ifatunde, or King Koopa of the Conscious Movement, totally exposed himself through video. Arguing over some petty beef with Sara Suten Seti, Umar went into a 40 plus minute tirade. Meanwhile, he was supposed to be talking about black parenting and such. The black […]

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Adam Saleh and Discrimination on Delta

Adam Saleh would be known by many to be an antagonist of the worst kind. If you aren’t aware, he is the one that makes the parody videos with a racially charged slant. Since he is Muslim, Saleh tends to cater to the fears and assumptions of those that aren’t. Many find his shtick […]

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Moise Morancy is a Black Superhero

From first glance, it seems as if Moise Morancy was raised right. The humble and engaging hip hop artist/activist/actor is also a man on a mission. His mission? Well, his mission is enlightenment and love. Also, Morancy believes in defending the defenseless and saving those that need saving. In actually, Moise Morancy’s most notable […]

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Keith Lamont Scott and the Visuals of Brutality

Days ago, a great confidant by the name of Anthony Haskins noted that he wasn’t going to watch anymore videos of black men being killed by police. When I read this, I was fully supportive. From my perspective, watching videos of people being killed can have a negative effect on you. With so much […]

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Melania Trump Is a Style Biter

Melania Trump has to be the biggest (or maybe the most brash) plagiarist that has existed in the entire history of politics.

Before I get into the foolishness of her actions, let me preface the context of this fuckery. Ever since Donald Trump announced his bid for presidential candidacy, many of the racists, Republicans, and […]

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Why People Protest and Why I Do Not

It has been one hell of a week of demonstration, media, and protest. Death upon death has happened within our country and it seemed as if the 1960’s were on repeat. There were people out involved in physical protest. Additionally, the police was there to keep the situation “under control” (or whatever you want […]

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Dylan Noble Proves White Lives Matter

After dealing with the ruckus of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, there has been very little discussion about Dylan Noble. Honestly, I don’t even know if most people know about Dylan. Well, there is an intricate story that happened recently dealing with this young man. This young man was wrongfully killed […]

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Alton Sterling Killed by Cops is Business as Usual

And just like that, Alton Sterling was killed by police.

Another day has passed and, somehow, cops have found a way to kill someone unnecessarily. Unlike last time with Dylan Noble, this person is black. At some point, using race will become the non sequitur for these killings. Then again, it is another black man […]

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