Hip Hop and Mental Health: CCL 36

Last week, I took the time to create an arena of understanding of the bleak relationship between African Americans and mental health. On my own, I had to discover that many African Americans are not abreast of mental health issues. We live off too many misconceptions of the medical situation. Plenty of times, we […]

Cheaters and Second Chances: Truth 16

Well, this is an interesting jam by Z.Z. Hill. It talks about…well..infidelity. He references the woman talking softly on the telephone. He also understands that “playing the cheating game only brings hurt and pain”. She made plans with meeting up with the other guy soon anyway. Thus, it seemed that this situation was at […]

Polyamory: More Than One Love (or You Can’t Box In Love): Plain Truth 15

This is, by far, one of my favorite J-Dilla solo jams (next to “Like This”). If there is anybody not understanding the subject matter, I will explain. It gets into the idea of having more than one significant other. I must admit that Dilla does get really raw with it on this track. Most […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand: Plain Truth 14

Oh, I know anybody in their 30’s to 40’s remembers this song fondly. If you asked Will Smith, parents didn’t understand anything young people were going through. At some point, I wanted to believe that. But now? All I know is that I am a grown man. I see the young kids not understanding […]

Know Your Place, Sir: How Ochocinco Messed Up (CCL 34)

Ochocinco always had a flair for the dramatic. From the gold teeth, to the blonde Mohawk a few years back, to even the endzone celebrations and the hilarious name change, he has always made a spectacle of himself. In recent history, he has been more reserved. It may have been maturity. It may have […]

You Found What You Looked For: Plain Truth 12

Baby, what love got to do with this? I have no clue. But I must admit that this is a classic Slum Village track. That Minnie Ripperton sample? Those drums. The mood of it all. This was, and still is, a beautiful song.

What does this song have to do with this next question? Nothing […]

Hate Black and Love White: OJ Simpson Syndrome (CCL # 33)

I promise you that Black Dynamite is quite hilarious. The often funny parody of all things Blaxploitation has been catching its rounds since its premier on Cartoon Network. Nobody is safe: young, old, or recently deceased. So when I saw the OJ episode, I practically hollered out with laughter. Commentary about “killing white women”? […]

Men Are Less Open Than Women? – Plain Truth 11

Well, I had to find the song for this topic. So, I chose H-Town Emotions? Why? Because it gets into something that many men aren’t always fully comfortable with: being emotional. I may be speaking for myself. Or, I could be speaking for many others. However, many men don’t wear their feelings on their […]

The Successful Relationship: Plain Truth 10

I know some of y’all remember this jam, right? I don’t care what anybody say: LL went in. I guess he was tired of messing around and/or messing up. It happens to the best of us. At least he took the time to realize his mistakes. For him, it was time to love his […]

Black Men, White Women, And Love CCL 32

I know his dude’s balling but yeah that’s nice
And they gone keep calling and trying
But you stay right girl
But when you get on he leave your a** for a white girl
– Kanye West from his hit song “Gold Digger”

Kanye’s song was the anthem for all males with questionable females. Yet, it was these last lines […]