Stereotypes Pt. 3: It’s Destroying Your Relationships – CCL 44

I’m going to be honest here: I have actually perpetuated some of the stereotypes about African Americans. To me, it was always hilarious. I would enjoy my grape soda and fried chicken (Popeyes preferably). Also, I would entice myself with a nice piece of watermelon every now and then. For the sake of comedy, […]

The Stereotypes Pt. 2 – CCL 43

And I’m back! Time to celebrate, no?

Oh. Time for business, then.

Earlier, I covered the sexual stereotype dealing with black men and oral reciprocation. While we trail Whites and Latinos, we actually do it (mostly). However, there are those may that disagree. Due to personal experiences, I can’t really counter it. Still, it can be […]

Sexual Stereotypes I – CCL #42

Hey everybody! Did you all miss me?

No? Well, I’m back…..

I don’t know about you, but I do tend to enjoy the occasional sexual stereotype. Personally, I find the comedic value to be almost colossal. Also, the lack of truth that some stereotypes possess have always makes me cover my face with a smirk. Plus, […]

Sex Over Relationships – Plain Truth 25

Now THIS was just an interesting song altogether. Maybe it was my age when it was popular (teenage years). Then again, I think it was the fact that they were talking about “risqué” topics. Sex was slightly taboo during the 90’s. There was overt sexuality out there. However, talking about it makes a bigger […]

Man-Woman Dynamic: Matriarchy or Patriarchy (CCL #41)

I made it to another posting. Now, I can do another dance!

Now that is over with, I can get serious for a moment.

There has been much ballyhoo and discussion over the plight of the Black community. There is much concern with the makeup (and break up) of the connection between Black men and women. […]

Long Distant Loving – Plain Truth 23

It is me or is Marvin Gaye singing his heart out. He even got on his classic skullcap. Touching the hands of so many women in the crowd, you knew they all wanted to be “chosen”. Yet, there are some serious things to consider when one has a “distant lover”. Also, there are some […]

Do Men Seek Counseling? – Plain Truth 22

Now THIS right here? This was a gem of a song. Actually, it still is a gem. You have Rockness Monstah and Sean Price (Ruck) seeking therapy. This was a dope concept that went over many people’s heads.

Why? Well, because this goes against any manly stigma that anyone is used to.

The Question:

Well here is […]

Where to Find a Mate – Plain Truth 21

I must say that Heavy D had a great question at hand. It makes me wonder what people actually do with the love they acquire. Do they nurture it so it can grow and influence the lives of others? In contrast, do they waste it away and become embittered at the fact that they […]

Do We Really Ever Grow Up? – Plain Truth 19

I know we all remember this jam from Outkast. This was the song that symbolized the grace of getting older. We all know that the “fat ass” turns to “flab” eventually, right? Then again, many of us are holding onto their youth like never before. That Toys ‘R Us moniker is becoming truer than […]

Getting Lazy In The Relationship: Plain Truth 18

I wonder how many of us remember this Big Daddy Kane jam? All the ladies could recall BDK doing the dance moves and making motivated lyrics. Plus, the message was pretty clear: BDK was the man for the job. What did this job entail? Oh, that is easy: he was a principal of pleasure […]